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5 Ways To Legally Protect Your Company

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90% of US companies end up dealing with some kind of litigation – whether it’s receiving a lawsuit or suing someone else. Staying legally protected can help to minimise the costs of these claims. Here are just five ways in which your company can legally protect itself.

Have a solicitor on call

Every company owner can benefit from having a solicitor on call for when legal trouble occurs. Solicitors can also be useful for general advice, helping to guide you through various legal requirements that your company may need to enforce. It’s worth shopping around to find a solicitor who you trust – this could be a firm or an independent solicitor.

Get contracts professionally written

A well-written contract can protect you from being sued and possibly help you to launch legal action against others if someone has broken an agreement. To ensure that your contracts are legally tight, it’s worth hiring a professional legal copywriter. These writers can also be used to write terms and conditions or disclaimers on your site.

Consider looking into trademarks/copyright

Trademarks can stop people from stealing elements of your brand such as your logo or company name and using it for their own company. Copyrighting meanwhile can be used protect works such as text, images or music. Both could be worth looking into to ensure that you have full legal ownership of your brand and content. You can find more information on these services at sites like Legal services may also be required if others are making trademark/copyright violation claims against you.

Improve your company’s safety and security

Injuries and security breaches are two of the most common causes of lawsuits. By putting in place safety and security measures, you can protect yourself from the threat of these disasters and prevent possibly lawsuits. There are many health and safety measures that are mandatory for businesses, just as there are some compulsory security measures. Others may not be mandatory but could still be recommended. You can hire advisors to help you implement these measures such as these health and safety advisors at

Insure yourself

Insurance is useful as the last defence against lawsuits. Certain insurance schemes can help to pay out compensation for claims so that you don’t have to pay the money out of your own pocket.  For instance, public liability insurance can protect you against any claims made by customers that are injured as a result of your work. Considering such claims can be costly, having insurance in place could be important.

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