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Orange or Yellow, Which Color is Best for a Hi-Vis Rain Jacket?

Motor vehicles crash into 67% of construction work zones on the highway. When a car comes flying into your work zone, you want to make sure you’re visible. If people can see you, you’re less likely to be hit.


That’s where high visibility (hi-vis) apparel comes into play. With hi-vis rain jackets, you’ll be better protected while you’re working.


Below we will review whether you should wear a yellow or orange hi-vis jacket for safety purposes.

The Use of The Jacket

When it comes down to which one is best to choose, consider the purpose of the jacket you’ll be buying. In certain areas, the color of the jacket can be used for different reasons. Research what your area uses the different jacket colors for.


For example, in some areas yellow is used by cyclists to make them easier to identify. When cycling with a yellow jacket your chance of being injured is greatly reduced. This is especially true if the jacket has reflectors.


If there was an accident on the highway, chances are you’re going to see first responders. If you’re a first responder, you want to make sure you’re visible to anyone who drives by.


Typically, first responders tend to wear yellow jackets instead of orange jackets. You may want to opt for yellow as it’ll be the color people are looking for.


Hunters are generally seen wearing orange jackets. If you’re not wearing orange clothing, there is a higher chance another hunter will injure you. Hunters know to look out for the orange coloring as that is the staple colored used for safety.


Meanwhile, construction workers have been known to wear both colors. Where you live and what you’re doing will determine which color is the most appropriate.


If you’re wearing the right color people will know what to look out for. This helps ensure your safety. People’s eyes are keyed to look out for specific colors based on where you are and what activity you’re doing.


Conspicuity refers to your ability to stand out. Consider where you are and what you’re doing when choosing your jacket color.


If you’re working in a construction zone, everything around you might be orange (e.g. cones and barrels). You may want to opt for a yellow jacket in this scenario. When you differentiate the color it helps you stand out better.


Conversely, if you’re on a roadside and you’re near grass, you may want an orange jacket. The yellow may blend in with the grass.


Some jackets will use a combination of yellow and orange to help make you more visible.

Do You Need a Hi-Vis Rain Jacket?

Orange and yellow are both good options for hi-vis rain jackets. It all comes down to how you’re going to use the jacket.


Everyone wants to be safe when they’re out and about in the world. Wearing a hi-vis rain jacket is one way to better protect yourself.


Request a quote today for one of our high-quality hi-vis rain jackets!

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