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5 Ways To Get Your Personal Training Clients To Lift Properly

Do you have a personal training business? Do you have trouble getting your clients to lift properly during their workout sessions?

Clients who perform incorrect weightlifting exercises may get injured. They may rely on their trainers to teach them proper weightlifting techniques.

If the trainer doesn’t share the right advice, your clients may suffer serious injuries. To protect them, you have to educate your clients on proper lifting techniques yourself.

But how do you do that? Here are some tips on how to get clients to lift properly.

1. Identifying Proper Lift Form

It is important to identify proper lift forms to ensure safe and successful weight training. Provide corrective cues in real-time to help clients correct lifting, such as suggesting words like “brace”, “rigid” and “tense”. Having clients perform slow and controlled warmup sets before workouts to assess muscle control and stability.

2. Establishing Quality Techniques

Establishing quality techniques can help clients achieve desired results to build muscle, lose fat, and reduce injury risk. Explain and show the correct form and technique for a specific exercise.

Give clear instructions and feedback about how to progress safely. Use different tools and aids such as squat racks, fitness balls, resistance bands, and more. These can help clients develop the proper techniques.

3. Establishing Consistency

To help establish consistency, personal trainers must emphasize proper technique with their clients. Personal trainers should emphasize the importance of rest days to allow for recovery and consistency in their progress. Clients should also change exercise intensities when appropriate and adhere to a good diet to help establish consistency in their lifting routine.

4. Enhancing Client Education

Enhancing client education is essential when teaching clients to lift in personal training. It starts with being able to break down the movement and explain it to the client in a way they can understand. Giving them clear, concise, and detailed information so they understand it will set them up for success.

To ensure clients’ proper lifting, consider obtaining a Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting Certification. Certifications will give clients confidence that you are well-trained and knowledgeable when instructing.

5. Utilizing Visual Aids to Show Safe Lifting

One way to ensure client safety in personal training is to show proper lifting with visual aids. Examples of visual aids to make instruction easier are diagrams, animations, and physical models.

Many times, physical trainers’ verbal instructions can be difficult to follow, and a visual aid can explain the details. Diagrams can show the body in both the starting and finishing lifts, and animations can show the movement in slow motion.

Physical models can emulate the correct positioning and movements of the body as well. This will help clients understand the proper technique for lifting and also prevent muscle strains.

Learn More Ways to Lift Properly

With the proper guidance and encouragement, you can help your training clients lift properly. Keep in mind that proper form and technique should be the main emphasis of every exercise and session. As a personal trainer, make sure your clients know the correct form and challenge them to the proper lifting.

Help them maximize their outcome and conquer their goals! Are you ready to discover more ways to help you become a successful personal trainer? Connect with a certified personal trainer today for more guidance.

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