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5 Expert Tips for Digital Plastic Surgery Marketing

Over 16 million plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures will be performed this year.

To get these patients into your center, you must have a plan. Digital plastic surgery marketing is the way to go. But you can waste a lot of time and money on strategies that don’t work.

Here are 5 that do.

1) Know Your Target

Unless your practice focuses on reconstructive surgeries, your target patient is likely a little over the top in terms of what they’ll pay for to feel great in their body.

Whether you’re marketing MiraDry or laser lipo, don’t be shy about targeting this kind of patient. Focus on their goals, insecurities, and concerns. Show them how their lives can be so much better just by getting one more procedure.

Target keywords that connect with this ideal patient.

Whether videos, testimonials, blogs or social shares, all of your digital content should center around this target. Your patients and potential patients should really feel like you “get them”.

2) Don’t Become the Discount Brand

It’s easy to see that quick influx of appointments when you run a Facebook ad for 20% off. It feels like you’re on the right track. You’re getting more patients into the chair.

But be careful. In plastic surgery marketing, discounting a beauty brand can really hurt you long term.

Plastic surgery isn’t typically something that someone on a tight budget will invest in. Because of this, those bargain hunters that flock to promotions aren’t going to stay.

Your good patients, the ones who get procedures without a discount, will start thinking less of you. They believe that they get what they pay for so don’t cheapen yourself.

3) Discounts Should Encourage Loyalty Instead

Discounts still have a place in plastic surgery marketing. Discounts should reward loyalty. Only offer discounts to repeat patients. Make the discounts seem exclusive and personalized.

Encourage your existing patients to refer new patients. And reward them for it.

4) Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

Every procedure has complementary procedures. Don’t allow yourself to think that one procedure is the end of it. Even if they don’t buy another during their initial appointment, they’re thinking about it.

Hard-selling isn’t the way to go these days. You’re likely to lose a patient.

Instead, from the moment they make that first appointment, begin sharing with them in a friendly and non-spammy way procedures that align well with their profile.

Maintain contact with that patient through social, email marketing, SMS, etc.

5) Brand Yourself in a Niche

There may be hundreds of plastic surgeons in your part of town. Why should they pick you over someone else? Quickly identify where your strengths lie and become the best at it that you can be.

Plastic surgery is serious business to people. They’ve watched shows like Botched. They know how bad it can be if they go to the wrong surgeon. They’re willing to pay more for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in town.

Know your strengths and work them to your advantage to take your digital plastic surgery marketing to the next level.

Digital Plastic Surgery Marketing

All marketing works best when it’s specialized in what you’re trying to market. It should demonstrate an understanding of the industry and even deeper understanding of who your patients are. These strategies do just that.

What strategies have you found work in plastic surgery? Comment below.

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