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5 Virtual Event Ideas to Incorporate into Your Next Online Event

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With so many of today’s events going hybrid, it’s important that New York event planners always have fresh ideas to incorporate into the virtual side of your event. Whether it’s an entirely online engagement for a corporate client or a hybrid online element of your in-person event, you’ll always be looking for new and fun ways to engage everyone. Here are virtual themes and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Virtual Event Cocktail or Cooking Classes

Never mind these themes of virtual events are perfect as stand-alone social events; they’re also great extras to add as a fun and lighthearted segment. Consider bringing in a professional mixologist or chef to do a quick and fun tutorial during a corporate meeting break or as part of an online social event.

2. Speed Networking Blitzes 

If you’re coordinating an event among business professionals across a variety of industries and brands, consider having a speed networking element, or even competition, to inspire immediate connections. It’s a great way to coerce attendees to mingle in a digital environment, especially using chat tech and messaging tools.

3. Bring Your Pet to Work

Consider adding a fun “bring your pet to work” aspect to your virtual meeting or conference. People love their pets and typically are comfortable talking about them. This element can be a great icebreaker for an event where attendees are meeting for the first time, immediately aligning them with something they all have in common, too. And let’s face it, bringing Felix and Fido to the screen is just adorable.

4. Virtual Event Guess Who

This is a great idea for both hybrid events, where you’ll look to connect the online audience with the in-person audience, as well as 100% virtual meetings. Collect information from guests before they arrive, usually nuggets about them that no one would know. Once the event begins, you can share some of those little-known facts and encourage the audience to guess which attendee to which it applies. It will allow everyone to participate and help everyone to get to know each other a little better.

5. Magic Works Online, Too

Trying to find entertainment elements for an online audience can be hard. But don’t discount the awe-inspiring magic act or the mystifying show of a mentalist. Even with online attendees, a professional magician can wow and dazzle with mind-reading, illusions, and interactive misdirections.

Consider these virtual event ideas to bring more engagement to your online audience. For more inspiration, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October and contact us to explore remaining exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities!

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