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Cognitive Enhances: How Nootropics Can Boost Your Smarts

Are you continually refilling your coffee cup at work but never feel a buzz? Could you easily take a nap after a cup of coffee instead of feeling motivated and ready to do your work?

You may want to take a break from coffee to lower your tolerance and/or drink more water. Sometimes coffee makes us more tired because it dehydrates us.

Or you can level up your life by ditching the coffee and adding cognitive enhancers to your daily routine. Don’t know what those are? It’s okay – they’re legal, and we’ll tell you all about them, below.

What Are Cognitive Enhancers?

Sometimes called nootropics, cognitive enhancers are any sort of chemicals that may have a positive effect on mental clarity and brain function.

The word “nootropics” used to refer to compounds that met particular criteria, but people have abused the word now for marketing purposes.

That’s one reason to research before you buy a cognitive enhancer (but more on that later).

These compounds can be anything from B-vitamins, which your body needs, and most people are low in, to more lab-based substances like phenylpiracetam.

That substance, pronounced fennel-fear-ra-see-tum, is one of the most research-supported nootropics on the market.

The History Of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam was developed back when the Soviet Union was racing the US to the moon, as a pill that would treat the mind-fogging effects of chronic stress in their cosmonauts.

The scientists in the soviet labs wanted to create a substance that could cut through the brain fog that comes will high stress (which we’ve all experienced) and make it easier for brains to function at a healthy level.

And from the research we have on it, it does do that. There are studies that show it can prevent and slow “cognitive decline,” which can happen through chronic stress or more biological processes, like developing Alzheimer’s.

Who Should Take Cognitive Enhancers And Which Ones Are Worth The Cost?

If you’re a student struggling to stay awake in class or have finals coming up, try out cognitive enhancers.

Adults who are no longer in school may benefit from their use, too, especially if you’re in a high-demand position where you have to be mentally sharp at all times.

No matter who you are, you should make sure your cognitive enhancers are lab tested for quality before you buy them. Check that they have phenylpiracetam in them, and if they don’t, find out why (or don’t buy them).

Just like you should when adding any other supplement into your routine, try not to change too many other things (like caffeine intake or amount of sleep). That will assure you that any cognitive enhancements you may notice are from the nootropics, not from other lifestyle changes.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Cognitive enhancers are not a magic pill. Just like there’s no magic pill for weight loss, there’s no immediate solution to staying on your toes.

You’ll still need to take care of yourself physically, get enough rest, and stay hydrated. Making sure you do all those things will give your cognitive enhancers the best chance of working, which is why you bought them in the first place!

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