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Timber Market Q1 2021 Analysis and Outlook (Middle East/NorthAfrica)


Stockholm, Sweden, 31 March 2021 —Centersource’s quarterly forestry and timber market analysis report projects rising timber imports across MENA countries as the regional economic recovery, already underway, jumpstarts housing construction and government infrastructure projects.

With the volatility of COVID and the subsequent collapse in demand for timber and other building materials, Centersource’s research details the dynamics of regional construction markets as they start up again.

The report features important country-by-country insights, such as timber export and import volumes, inventory and supply chains, product trends, demographic growth, housing, real estate and tax developments, as well as other factors that promote a holistic understanding of the timber market. From Saudi Arabia to Morocco, the MENA Outlook canvasses the region’s biggest and smallest economies to provide the most comprehensive quarterly outlook available.

In other featured countries such as Egypt and Morocco, Centersource shows how government spending on housing is catalyzing private sector investment, moving the needle again on timber imports and creating favorable market conditions for importers and timber logistics companies.

The report fills in critical information gaps on a country-by-country basis to provide industry stakeholders with a top-down view of the region’s timber import market. It details important political and economic factors as well as demographic trends that will shape the market in the years ahead.

“The MENA timber market remains a challenging space, requiring deep insider knowledge and a keen eye towards future developments,” said (insert name and title). “Centersource’s MENA Outlook builds on decades of experience navigating this challenging market to provide our readers with an insider’s expertise, backed by carefully sourced data, political insight, and proven success in the timber market.”

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