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5 Tips for Writing Outstanding Blog Titles

Thinking about launching a blog? Even if you already run an online retail shop, Google’s algorithms now demand for shops to maintain a regular blog.

Even without a shop, blogging is now one of the most lucrative ways to earn an income online. Although, like many ventures, this will require a lot of work.

The problem is how do you bring in more people to check out your blog?

The key answer is to grab their attention. Titles and headlines are the first things they see before checking out the content. Here are some tips to show you how to make a good title.

1. Write More Than One Title

To start, have more than one working title.

This gives you a spectrum of options to choose from in seeing which of these would work best for your blog title. It is the first thing that readers will see, so plan carefully.

Come up with about three to five headings and write them down in a pad or notebook. Handwriting them can give you a perspective on those words and probably help you see them in a new light.

Always remember that compelling titles are easy to understand, make perfect sense in the article, and it informs and entices people to read on.

2. Ensure Accuracy on the Title

When it comes to making a good title, accuracy sets clear expectations for the readers.

While you are aiming for a title that can catch attention, you need to have the information and content to back that title up. Accuracy and getting straight to point are among the top technical writing tips you should never forget.

As a note for making a good title, it has to convey accurate facts while catching their attention. Having important information that conveys what, where, when, who, and why should inform your readers.

This way, your readers will read through it without feeling duped or deceived. The quality content will do the rest as it leaves your readers to come back for more.

3. Keep the Title Short

While on the note about accuracy, it is true that we need the facts on the title. Making it concise would help your creative blog title more. By being concise and brief, you not only catch attention with it, you make it easier for the post to rank well in searches.

With short titles, the posts are easier to scan through and share. A good suggestion for this is to have your title be under 70 characters. With social media platforms like Twitter having as much as 140 characters per tweet, shorter titles make it easier to circulate.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your titles are easier to digest when shortened. Run it in your head if it sounds right and has everything you want to convey.

4. Have Important Words and Terms

Having important words first in your blog title enables people (and bots) to notice your post amidst the clutter among the search results. Not only that, but search engine bots find your post far easier by giving importance to the words at the beginning of phrases.

Also, remember to use the terms that people will tend to search. By putting these on your title, they can act as keywords to make your post visible and easier to surface at the top search results. Some keyword research may help you optimize your blog posts, like the ones offered by Improz Marketing.

5. Be Creative with the Title

A creative blog title has to be accurate, but it also has to be capable of hooking in your audience. Let your imagination work with you as guidelines on how to make a good title are not set in stone. You can put some personality and pomp into your titling, in case a straightforward title doesn’t do justice.

Entice Your Readers with Eye-Catching Blog Titles!

The point of the title is to grab the reader’s attention. By piquing their interest, your blog title works as an appetizer to the main course. They will respond to you by reading through, and either sharing the article to others or even leave comments.

While tricky to pull off, the reward for knowing how to write a good title is always worth the effort.

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