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7 Best Aquarium Blogs for Aquarists and Marine Enthusiasts

Some people read. Some people crochet. You love your aquarium.

Everyone’s hobby costs money — but if you’re an aquarist, then your tank consumes a lot of thought and energy, too. From worrying about water composition to the right breeds of fish, there’s an endless slew of things to think about!

You probably wonder what others are doing with their tanks, how to solve problems you’re having, and what new ideas are out there.

Aquarium blogs can be a great resource for you to find community, friendship, advice, and plenty of new inspiration. Here are the best seven blogs to get you started.

1. Melev’s Reef

This blog by Marc Levenson describes his journey in husbandry, as well as giving all sorts of other tips from equipment to photography.

He’s been an aquarist since 1998 and recently expanded to offering advice on his YouTube channel.

2. Nippy Fish

This blog focuses on betta fish and answers all your questions about breeding and tank info.

There are plenty of product reviews, too, in case you want to know about certain equipment for your own use.

3. Reef Bum

Author Keith Berkelhamer hopes to inspire others through his blog as they put together their own reef tanks.

He shows what his own looks like and writes about advice for aquarists based on his own fishkeeping adventures. He also reviews and recommends products, whether you’re looking for an aquarium rock or a float switch.

4. Mad Hatter’s Reef

This blog is written by Jeff Hesketh, who has kept an aquarium for almost his whole life.

He was inspired to start a saltwater aquarium more recently and enjoys sharing his advice and experiences.

5. Aquariadise

Marijke, the author of this blog, lives in The Netherlands and loves to share her fishkeeping ordeals.

She has lots of PDF info sheets available for download, too, which come in handy when you need a quick reference next to your tank. If you’re looking for encouragement from someone else who believes your aquarium is good for you, this is the place to find it.

6. Aquarists Online

You’ll find nothing but helpful information on this website, with info about maintenance, marine life, and general interest posts.

The author is John Cunningham, someone with many years under his belt of keeping fish.

7. The Best of the Aquarium Blogs: Reef Builders

Reef Builders is a blog and website with aquarist resources that gets maintained by a team of four. They are Ryan Gripp, Jake Adams, Nicole Helgason, and Brian Blank — all of whom love aquatic life and the marine industry. They have experience with freshwater and saltwater tanks, along with scuba diving and fish in the wild.

The blog first started back in 2006, and they’ve been writing ever since — as well as keeping up with their own tanks and sharing tests and trials they’ve had with their fish.

Best Hobby Help

When you need help with your hobby, aquarium blogs are the way to go. You can read about real people’s encounters and what worked for them. Many times, you can even ask questions and get feedback when you post comments.

These seven are the best places to go for resources and educational materials, along with help and communities of people who love the same things you do.

For more interesting hobby ideas, read more on our blog.

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