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5 Things Every First-Time Car Buyer Should Know

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Are you in the market for your very first car? How exciting is that?

Even if you’ve owned several used cars before, this upcoming purchase is your only chance at being a first-time car buyer. You don’t want to regret anything from this experience.

Don’t step into a dealership showroom until you’ve read these useful tips.

1. It’s Fine To Buy Used Cars

You’re probably anticipating the look, feel, and smell of a brand new car. There’s just something so unique about a brand-new vehicle. But wait, are you on a budget? Then perhaps you may want to consider the less flashy used cars on the lot.

Certified pre-owned cars are not always a risky deal if purchased under the following circumstances:

• Bought from a dealer, not a private seller.

• Inspected by a third-party mechanic.

• Comes with all essential documentation including a buyer’s guide.

If you’re still emotional over the experience of buying of a brand new vehicle, keep in mind that brand-new cars depreciate considerably as soon as they’re off the auto dealer’s lot.
On the other hand, a used car will keep its value steadily for several years. That’s not a bad deal for a first-time purchase.

2. It’s Cheaper To Buy Than To Lease A Car

We live in a society where it’s trendy to buy what you cannot afford. Some dealers follow this trend too, because frankly, it makes good business sense to up-sell you to the more expensive rides.
However, let’s face it: If you buy a car, you have something of your own to show for the thousands of dollars you’ve spent. If you lease a car and then return it after the lease end, you’re left with nothing but an empty wallet after the fact.
When buying your first car, concentrate more on practicality and reliability rather than all of the latest bells and whistles. Choose to buy a previous model of the car you’re tempted to lease. This way, you spend less, and you get more mileage for your buck.

3. Every First-Time Car Buyer Should Negotiate

Did you know that the price of any car is not set in stone?

As a first-time vehicle buyer, you might be intimidated by a dealership’s staff. You might think that the salesmen have the upper hand. This isn’t true. At least it’s not the case for car dealers with integrity like Newberg Chevrolet, located just a short drive from Portland, Beaverton, Wilsonville and Salem.

You, the buyer, can always take charge of negotiating a better price for yourself. Chances are, your salesperson is at the very end of his sales quota, and he really needs to sell the vehicle to make his commission. In that case, you’re doing him a favor by buying that car.

4. Take The Car Out For A Spin

Whether new or used, don’t ever buy a car without taking it out for a test drive.
A ride around the block confirms that the car drives smoothly. More importantly, you get a chance to experience if the vehicle is a good fit for you. Your first purchased vehicle should be a very comfortable and easy decision for you.

5. Read And Understand Your Contract

It’s always important to read anything you plan to sign. When making a major purchase (like buying a new car), reading every line of your purchase and financing contract is crucial.You don’t want to accidentally agree to an add-on you didn’t want to buy, for instance. Also, you want to clearly understand your financing and loan repayment plan. There should be no nasty surprises associated with buying your first car. The only surprise should be how smoothly the car runs compared to the old wreck you drove until now.

Ready To Buy Your Car?

As a first-time car buyer, you deserve only the best service a dealership can provide. Visit us in Newberg Oregon for a small-town car-buying experience where you’ll be treated like family.

We at Newberg Chevrolet want your experience to be honest, positive, and polite. We run a high integrity dealership that is just a short scenic drive from the areas of Portland, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Salem, Gladstone, Canby, Sherwood, Woodburn, McMinnville, Gresham, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and Hillsboro. So, give us a call today and stop on by.

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