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Install Premium-Quality Faux Wood Tongue and Groove Planks to Transform Any Home

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Have you ever looked around your home and wished you could liven up your space somehow?

Do you want a good weekend project that will transform your room into something more elegant?

Do you want a low-maintenance, affordable addition that will bring natural beauty into your home?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll love faux wood T&G ceiling planks. Read on to learn about this material and how you can use it to quickly and easily transform your home.

What Is Tongue and Groove?

Tongue and groove is a style of wood — or faux wood — plank that’s designed to be easy to assemble and install.

These planks feature a tongue on one edge and a matching groove on the other such that adjoining planks can snap together. The tongue edge has a slight lip on one or both sides of the tongue that corresponds with a notch on the inside of the groove, which helps the pieces stay together.

Tongue and groove planks are ideal for ceilings, flooring, and walls where you want to create one cohesive piece of wood. If you are installing a floating floor, tongue and groove will hold the individual pieces together while still allowing the floor to shift slightly as needed.

Once you get the faux wood tongue and groove planks installed, no one will be able to tell that they are anything other than gorgeous wood planks.

Benefits of Tongue and Groove

One of the biggest benefits of tongue and groove planks is how easy they are to install. The pieces simply snap together — no gluing or clamping involved. The biggest challenge you’ll face when installing tongue and groove planks is cutting them to size to fit in your space.

Tongue and groove planks also form strong joints once they’re bonded together.

If you need a really solid piece, you can glue the tongue into the groove, but in most cases, the physical join itself is strong enough to hold your boards together. When you’re trying to create a solid surface that will function as one large piece, it’s hard to beat the strength of tongue and groove.

What Is Faux Wood?

So what is faux wood, and why should you choose that as the material for your tongue and groove ceiling?

Faux wood is made of polyurethane foam that is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Manufacturers take casts of real wood planks to use when molding faux wood planks so you get all the cracks, whorls, and unique character that real wood provides.

Once the faux wood planks are molded, they are carefully painted to imitate the colors of real wood. You’ll see darker spots around knots and cracks, slight shifts in color, and natural-looking finishes. By the time these planks are completed, they are indistinguishable from real wood planks.

Why Use Faux Wood?

One of the biggest reasons to use faux wood is that it is water-resistant.

Real wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature, causing it to buckle or cracks to appear. Faux wood stays consistent, so you never have to worry about your boards warping out of shape.

Faux wood is also cheaper to install and maintain than real wood planks. You have to pay for the installation of real wood planks to ensure you don’t damage expensive material, and then you have to clean and refinish these planks every couple of years. Faux wood planks are simple enough that you can install them yourself, and you’ll never need to worry about maintaining them.

Benefits of a Faux Wood Ceiling

Having a wood-look ceiling can be a great way to bring a touch of class and elegance to your home. Popcorn ceilings are ugly and outdated, and sheetrock ceilings are blah at best. Wood ceilings will give your home character and bring a little natural beauty inside.

But the last thing you want is for a real wood ceiling to come crashing down on your head because the material behind them wasn’t strong enough to hold them up.

Faux wood planks are incredibly lightweight. You can install them in a weekend and rest easy, knowing that they aren’t placing any strain on your ceiling structure.

Picking Your Material

When you get ready to install wood-look ceiling planks, you need to take a look at your overall décor scheme.

Do you want planks that have a lighter, more grey-tone look? Or do you want rich, dark materials that look like mahogany or oak?

If your décor scheme is lighter in tone — lots of whites, greys, and pastel colors — a light faux wood can create a gorgeous natural, airy vibe. Of course, you can also choose a darker ceiling to add some contrast and drama to the room if you want a more formal look. And if your walls are painted in jewel tones and your accent pieces are gold, it’s only fitting that you have a wood ceiling that’s as rich in color — think cherry or mahogany-look planks.

How to Install T&G Planks

Installing tongue and groove ceilings is a snap, and you should be able to finish the project in a weekend.

You may need to start by placing support beams or battens across your ceiling. Check the instructions that came with your faux wood planks to determine if you need to place these supports parallel or perpendicular to the way you want your boards to run.

With your supports in place, set your first plank on one end of the room with the groove side facing the wall. Nail through the face of it to hold it in place, and then set your next board in place, tapping it with a hammer to get the two pieces interlocked. Nail through the corner of the tongue at a 45-degree angle, set your next board in place, and continue working your way across the room.

Get the Best T&G Ceiling Planks

Wood ceilings can be a beautiful design choice, and faux wood tongue and groove ceiling planks can be a simple and affordable way to get that look.

Faux wood is durable and lightweight, and tongue and groove planks are simple enough to install yourself. Pick your finish, grab a ladder, and start transforming your home!

If you’d like to find the best tongue and groove ceiling planks on the market, check out the rest of our site at Roman Rock. We have faux wood beams and tongue and groove planks that are perfect for your next renovation project. Shop our products today and make your home the place you’ve always dreamed of.

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