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5 Reasons Your Roof’s Soffit and Fascia Need to be in Good Shape

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Did you know that your roof’s soffit and fascia serve both aesthetic and functional purposes? Well, as the soffit and fascia age, they become damaged and will need repairs. As a homeowner, you should understand the purpose of the soffit and fascia on your home, so you are able to identify damage.

The fascia is a flat board that hangs straight down from the room’s edge, while the soffit is the underside of the roof covering the overhang created by the fascia.

Here are five reasons why it is crucial to maintain your roof’s soffit and fascia:

Weather Resistance 

Both the soffit and the fascia are connected to the mainframe of the roof, serving to help support the rafters against rough weather. They help block the rain from seeping into a home’s interior and prevent exposure to the elements. By blocking the rain, the soffit and fascia also keep moisture from causing mold, rotten wood, mildew, and other similar issues that can cause major roof damage.


Soffits and fascia contribute to the attic’s ventilation system. Attic ventilation is important as it prevents the following serious issues:

Superheating: If an attic gets too hot, it can cause damage to the roof’s shingles and the wood framing of the roof, leading to expensive repairs.

High energy bills: Too much hot air in attics can lead to overheating in other areas of the house, which can incur more expensive energy bills.

Protection Against Insects and Critters

Insects like termites and carpenter ants weaken a home’s structure and harm a roof by eating wood. The roof’s soffit and fascia provide an extra layer of protection against insects for a roof’s decking, rafters, and trusses.

Critters like rats, squirrels, and raccoons can get into a home through a poorly protected roof and cause costly damage. Rats will burrow through a roof, insulation, and pipes creating holes in your home and leaving it more susceptible to the elements. Once in the home, rats will chew through electrical wires that could cause electrical problems or even start a house fire.

Squirrels will also burrow into your roof by gnawing on shingles and lead sheathing. Once inside your attic, a squirrel infestation will cause your whole house to smell as their urine will settle on your ceiling and seep in.

Raccoons will tear large holes into your roof’s eaves and shingles if it is not well protected. Once they find a way inside, raccoons will make a home in your attic, causing a plethora of other problems to your house.

Soffits and fascia boards can prevent all of these insect and critter-related problems on your roof that are in good shape to provide the protection needed.


Gutters are attached to the roof by the fascia boards. Therefore, strong fascia boards are important for sturdy gutter systems. During heavy rain, fascia boards support the weight of gutters and large amounts of water. When the fascia boards are in bad shape, gutters are likely to sag, causing water to overflow or pool and eventually causing structural damage to the roof.


While it may be rare to get a compliment on how nice your roof’s soffit and fascia look, without them, your roof’s appearance will be incomplete. A roof’s soffit and fascia provide clean-cut lines that make your roof look well-kept, enhancing your home’s curb appeal. A roof’s sof

fit and fascia usually match the color of the home’s siding or trim, helping to provide a finished look to the home’s roof.

Poor roof condition and soundness can be extremely costly to fix if left unattended. As the soffit and fascia age, they experience damage and will need repairs. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your roof’s soffit and fascia are important for overall roof and home protection. Make sure all components of your roof are in good shape by contacting R.L. Hayes Roofing & Repairs today for all types of roofing repairs or maintenance.

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