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5 popular garage doors for 2020-2021

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2020 has been anything but normal. That can be said for just about every industry out there. Yet if you own a home, you have your own place that you can bring some sense of normalcy to your life in. One place you can do that with is your garage door. If your garage door is 15-20 years old, or you’re looking to remodel your home, a new garage door can refresh your home’s look. After all, it is up to 40% of your home’s façade. With that in mind, here are 5 popular garage doors for 2020-2021 that we see are emerging in garage door trends.

5 popular garage doors for 2020-2021


One of the most interesting styles that we see that are emerging are Plank garage doors. Plank garage doors are cedar planks that run horizontally. They generally have tinted glass as well. These types of garage doors can bring an interesting texture, warmth, depth, and subtle dimension to the outside of a home.


Full-view glass garage doors.

We are also starting to see contemporary styles and designs gaining even more traction on the back half of 2020 and we feel that will continue into 2021. One of these contemporary designs we are seeing is the use of Full-view glass garage doors. Full-view aluminum garage doors are engineered of aluminum and glass. These offer great light options. There are a variety of glass options to use, including frosted, tinted, and clear. Also, instead of just brushed aluminum finish, there are other options as well such as Dark Bronze, and powder coat just to name a few.

A couple of special considerations do need to be thought of before getting this type of door. Full-view glass garage doors are typically heavier than the standard steel door. Also, this door is more difficult to insulate and relies heavily on the insulation value of the type of glass used.


Insulated Steel Garage Doors.

Here in Houston, TX it gets hot, real hot. And yet, it still gets pretty cold in the winter as well. For these reasons, many homeowners are requesting insulated garage doors. Insulated steel doors feature a layer of polyurethane insulation in between steel. Insulated garage doors are a great way to help keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in winter while saving you in energy costs in the long run. Even heat escaping through your garage in the winter and coming in the garage in the summer may not be enough to make a significant impact each month on your electricity bill, but those small costs add up over time.


Overlay Carriage Garage Door.

Overlay carriage garage doors are made by a variety of materials including Steel, Fiberglass, or Wood and have a layered or “overlay” look to them.  They can be both insulated and non-insulated. These garage doors have a style that adds depth to the design of the garage door.



The Traditional Raised Panel.

Among other things, this year has made one thing noticeably clear, the need to be economical. The traditional raised panel still is still being requested for many homes and is a great choice for this reason. Traditional raised panel garage doors are one of the inexpensive options out there. Though they are the classic garage door look, with a variety of color and material choices, you can customize them to your own look.  They can be made from aluminum or steel and you have the option of insulation. A wide variety of window options are available, including decorative, architectural, and double-top window sections that also give you the chance to let natural light in and add a decorative touch as well.


Though 2021 could feel as unpredictable as this year as been, there are some really impressive garage door trends coming out that can still get you excited about choosing the right garage door for your home. If you’re in the Houston area, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been installing garage doors since 2006 and would love to give you a free consultation. Fully invested in the community, we are dedicated to giving each customer award-wining garage door service. If you are thinking about a new garage door, contact us either at our Main Office: 281-748-9542 or East Houston office 713-557-3407 for your free consultation today!

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