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5 Inventive Ways to Enhance Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Take the snore out of the office by finding imaginative solutions. Enhance creativity with these five inventive ideas for innovation in the workplace.

The average American works 44 hours per week. Many workers say they work even more than that.

53% of them are unhappy at work. Most are bored and don’t feel valued. This ruins morale and affects the success of your business.

Having the opportunity to innovate and use your creativity can vastly improve your business while boosting employee morale. But only if you know what you’re doing.

To help you improve employee morale and your bottom line, here are five ideas for innovation in the workplace.

1. Ideas for Innovation in the Workplace Starts When You Hire a Diverse Team

Creativity at work increases when you work with a group of diverse people. It’s important to put together a team of people with different capabilities, passions, and backgrounds.

Together, they can improve innovation at work by pooling their diverse set of ideas and approaches to problem-solving that you can’t get when everyone acts and thinks exactly alike.

Their differing approaches helps push your products and services further ahead. Help your diverse employees celebrate their individuality and embrace their ideas and approaches.

2. Introduce Standing-Only Meetings

Innovation in the workplace can come to a standstill when everyone is just sitting around. Especially when they’re in a meeting.

By having every able-bodied person stand, you change the energy of the room. Standing helps keep everyone focused and on topic.

Distractions like checking cell phones and computers are no longer problems when everyone is standing. Standing can even help prevent one person from droning on endlessly and instead encourages everyone to speak up.

Lastly, no one wants to stand for too long which means your meetings will start becoming shorter while becoming more productive.

3. Encourage Employees to Take a Vacation

In 2017, 50% of American worker’s vacation time was forfeited. 10% of employees took no vacation time at all.

Time away from the office is just as vital as showing up for work. Exhausted employees aren’t as productive nor do they produce the highest quality content. Their brain isn’t functioning as well as it can and should be.

If you’re looking for ways on how to be innovative, make it non-negotiable that your employees take all their vacation days. You’ll love the positive impact it has on everyone.

4. Incorporate Nature in Your Office Environment

There are good reasons why people head out toward nature when they want to destress and reinvigorate themselves. Since you probably aren’t going to move your office to the mountains, bring some nature into your office.

It’s easy to incorporate natural elements into the office. And studies show that it increases both well-being and productivity with your employees. You’ll also notice an increase in creativity as well.

5. Hire Employees Who Share Your Vision

While you want to hire people with different backgrounds than you, it’s vitally important that they do share your vision and can align with your culture. Understanding your vision helps your organization run smoothly.

And having your employees fit in with your culture means they feel empowered to speak up and share ideas. They don’t always have to agree with you, but they should understand your mission and vision.

Learn New Methods

Creating a workspace where ideas for innovation in the workplace are encouraged takes time. It also may mean you need some outside help to change the current atmosphere in your office.

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