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5 Important Air Compressor Uses for Farmhands

It’s expected that there are over 570 million farms in the world. And most of these are family-run and small. Prosperous farms require a lot of hard work. Part of a successful farm relies on reputable workers and appropriate equipment.

Tractors and backhoes may come to mind first, but one critical item not that large? An air compressor.

Want to make sure your farmhands are able to work at their best? Keep reading for five air compressor uses that everyone on a farm should be aware of! You never know, you might just learn a few new ones.

1. Nail Guns

Farm hands like to take care of most things themselves. Meaning if something breaks or needs built, they tend to be eager to find a solution.

Building structures like chicken coops and outbuildings are much easier with a pneumatic nail gun. These use pressurized air to push nails into wood or other materials.

Many types of pneumatic nail guns can be used with an average air compressor. When shopping for a compressor, do your research. Companies like Able Sales provide quality products that will last.

2. Tires, Tires and More Tires

There are trucks, cars, and stock trailers typically on a farm. While most farm vehicles will be rugged, the wheels will need air every once in a while. This is especially true if you live in an area with changing seasons.

You will want to make it part of your regular routine to check all tire PSI. You don’t want to be in an emergency situation and lose time due to a flat tire.

3. Fresh Paint Job

Painting in the traditional fashion can be relaxing for some, but there is no denying that it takes a long time.

Want to cut the time at least in half and get a perfect finish? Hook up a spray painting gun to your air compressor. This will let you spray an even coat over surfaces without drips.

Helping your farmhands work better is just one way to show that you appreciate them.

4. Best Air Compressor Uses: Keep Equipment Clean

Keep it away from your skin, but compressed air is an amazing aid in cleaning farm equipment. Clean items with brushes first, and then use air as a final step.

Always clean in this manner in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to wear eye protection and appropriate clothing. Secure the hose to avoid in whipping around and causing damage or harm. Use the lowest setting possible.

5. Creative Weeding

Farmers are gritty and use every resource available. Stories have popped up about farmers using ground up apricot pits or walnut shells as a natural weed killer.

Placed under high air pressure, the ground up pits/shells can sheer off troublesome weeds. Corn gluten meal and other organic materials are being tested.

Farm Tools for Everyone

It’s clear that there are many air compressor uses that can help you and your farmhands keep your farm prosperous.

Looking for more tips to help run your business more efficiently? Our business and finance blog is a great place to start!

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