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5 Home Office Ideas Every Freelancer Needs to See

Freelancing has become a growing phenomenon in the US. It is estimated that around 5% of people work in home offices, that’s 7 million people working from home. 

If you are one of these people that work from home, you may not have got round to remodeling your home space to meet your needs.

Creating a home office space takes some careful consideration. If you are a home worker you could spend 50 hours a week or more in your home office. Therefore creating a space that is both functional, and pleasant, is really important.  

Read our guide to five home office ideas for freelancers to find out more. 

1. Home Office Ideas To Keep You Organized

One of the first things you need to think about when you are choosing home office decor is keeping your space organized. 

When you work from home it can be easy to lose the discipline you would have in an office with no one overseeing you. But staying organized and keeping on top of the clutter will create a much better working environment. 

Make sure that everything has a place where it belongs. 

Organizing stationery, pens, and paperwork in trays and holders will keep surfaces clear and tidying up a lot quicker.

2. Go Green

Adding houseplants to your home office not only adds color but breathes some life into the room. Plants produce oxygen, which will enhance the air quality in your office. 

Experiment with colored planters to complement your decor scheme. And don’t worry about your lack of green fingers there are plenty of low maintenance houseplants that need very little tending.

3. Lighten Up

A lot of corporate offices can be very harshly lit with fluorescent tubes and little daylight. One advantage of working from home is that you can change the lighting to suit you.

Making the most of natural daylight will cut down on your lighting costs, and it will also be better for your health.

Fitting roller blinds instead of curtains will give your clean lines and a less cluttered look. Roller blinds can also be used to block the glare of the sun at certain times, while still allowing light in through the lower half of the window. 

4. Use Your Walls

If space is limited in your home office, you need to make the most of every inch.

Using your walls for storage is a great way to keep the floor clear and keep all of your files within reach.

Also – don’t underestimate the value of using your walls for decoration. Decorating your walls with art that you love can help inspire you when you are working, as well as give you something uplifting to look at.

5. Make Yourself At Home

Your office is still part of your home, so it is important that you still feel comfortable in it.

While you should cut down on clutter, your home office should still feel inviting. The more homely your office feels, the more likely it is that you will want to spend time in it. And as a freelancer, you need all the motivation you can get!

Home Improvement Ideas At Your Fingertips

So those are five home office ideas to help inspire you to create a functional and attractive workspace. Making sure your home office is both comfortable and organized will help aid your productivity as a freelancer.

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