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5 Features You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Call Center

Does your company need a call center? What are the best features for an upgraded call center? 

Call centers let your customers get the service they deserve. Your company can even improve its content strategy and public appeal with the right system in place.

If you want to learn about the best features for your call center, keep reading for the tools you need to know. 

1. Automatic Call Distributor 

For call center companies, an automatic call distributor instantly sends callers to specific agents or departments in your company. Including an ACD in your call center can raise customer approval ratings and lead to a better rate of received calls.

When you use an ACD, you can prioritize your most important customers for instant support. You can use a system like this to organize your specialists to be there when special callers come through. 

2. Call Queues 

In a VPS, call queues put customers on hold and alert agents that customers are waiting. If you pair queue software with your ACD, you can efficiently distribute calls from a waiting queue to departments with the right solution. 

In order to keep your customer rating high, you can even alter the customer experience while they’re left in the queue. That is, you can directly influence what a customer hears and experiences while they are on the phone while they wait for the next agent. 

3. DPN 

Dedicated Phone Numbers give specific agents a direct line to customers only they can help. By setting up DPN’s for your company’s call center, your departments can organize their services based on customer identification. This helps your entire company manage calls on every level. 

If you want to learn more about secrets to a phone answering service, make sure to do research on prioritized numbers and other options available for your company. 

4. Call Analytics 

Call Analytics gives your company the chance to see how many calls are received, dropped, or on hold in a given cycle. In order to make a change to your call center, you need to know the numbers affecting your customer base. Opening call analytics even allows there to be more specialized call center jobs for IT and other employees. 

5. Contact Center Management 

Contact center management helps glue together the pieces of your call center. When looking at contact center vs call center, you can imagine the former as your connecting point between agents and the latter as the service expanded by each agent for any given customer. 

CCM’s allow your company to manage clients, organize support strategies, and have information prepared for customers. 

Give Your Call Center A Boost 

If you have a company with a large customer base, you need a legendary call center. There will always be customers in need of assistance in any industry; it’s up to your team to make sure they get the best help possible. Of course, call centers aren’t only useful for customer care. 

You can use a call center to upgrade your marketing team’s actions. Call centers help leverage inbound marketing for better overall customer experience. You can even link clients to the right departments, products, or services automatically. 

You can jumpstart your business by following the right advice. If you want to improve customer experience and your team’s workflow, check out our digital marketing page for insights into growing a better business. 

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