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10 Things You Need to Look for in an Immigration Lawyer

It’s no secret that having the right lawyer can make all of the difference when it comes to whether you win your legal case. That’s why you’re interested in finding and hiring the most reliable immigration lawyer in your area.

You want an attorney who specializes in immigration law. That’s the best way to ensure you and your family’s legal rights are protected. 

The good news is that you’ve come to the right article. Below are ten key things you need to look for when hiring your immigration lawyer. 

Make sure your immigration lawyer is one with an established reputation you can trust. He or she should also keep up with relevant trends shaping the future of immigration law in the United States. In other words, getting informed about what to expect from your lawyer is definitely going to be worth your time.

1. Start by Comparing Multiple Immigration Attorneys

The first thing to remember is that there are going to be multiple reliable immigration lawyers for you to choose from. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re all going to be worth your financial investment. It’s unwise to just hire the first self-proclaimed immigration lawyer you come across. 

Start by taking a look at a couple of different immigration lawyers in your local area. You can even have consultations with more than one to get a feel for their legal expertise and willingness to help. Also, how do their reputations and online presence compare to each other, for instance?

2. Be Sure to Do Plenty of Online Research

In particular, start by checking out whether your potential lawyer has a substantial online presence. A quick Google search should indicate any history of unethical or even illegal practices in the past. If he or she also has an obvious history of winning many immigration cases, though, it could be in your family’s best interest. 

3. Ask About Fees and Costs for Your Potential Lawyer’s Services

Of course, it’s understandable if your main concern about hiring a lawyer is the bottom line. It’s okay to be curious specifically about how to find a lawyer you can afford. You want to ensure your money is well-spent to represent your immigration case in court. 

That’s why you’ll want to hammer out all of the financial details with your potential attorney as soon as you can. For instance, what kind of retainer fee or hourly rate will he or she charge? Remember, don’t sign any contract until you’re completely comfortable and informed about the financial arrangement. 

4. How Many Other Cases Does Your Potential Lawyer Have Right Now?

It’s also important to note that you only want a lawyer who will be able to give your case the time it deserves. Ask your potential attorney how many other immigration cases he or she is currently working on. 

5. He or She Must Specialize in Navigating Immigration Law

As mentioned above, it’s worthwhile to seek a consultation with more than one potential immigration lawyer before hiring. Doing should make it clear which attorneys have thorough knowledge about immigration law.

In particular, your lawyer should know exactly where to go with your specific case, as each one is unique. As an example of a particular case, check out this guide on paying an ICE bond. Your lawyer should be prepared to help you and your family protect yourselves in the United States legal system on all fronts. 

6. Membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

One way to ensure at least some familiarity with immigration law is to ask about the AILA. While it’s not required that your lawyer be a member of this organization, it can be beneficial. It proves that he or she is dedicated to this field of law and even has additional networking and legal resources at hand. 

7. Has Experience With a Case Similar to Yours

During your consultation with your potential immigration lawyer, it’s a smart practice to ensure you ask plenty of detailed questions. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from trusting your lawyer’s integrity, legal knowledge, and relevant experience. Ask him or her about a similar immigration case to your current one as well as if/how it was won. 

8. Has a Reliable Background With Previous Clients

Don’t forget to look for available online reviews or testimonials from previous clients. Doing so should help you determine whether you can expect a positive experience with that potential lawyer, too. 

In addition, be willing to ask your friends and family members about their opinion about the best immigration lawyer in your area. You’ll find that these attorneys’ reputations will precede them – for better or worse. 

9. Your Potential Lawyer Should Prove a Thorough Understanding of Your Case

Not only should you ask your potential lawyer about previous immigration cases similar to your current one. In addition, make sure he or she can provide you with sensible and detailed steps to take to win your case.

What direction is the legal argument going to take in order to protect your rights and assets, for one thing? Your lawyer should be able to comfort you with an intentional action plan to ensure your immigration case is a successful one.

Make sure you know exactly what to expect before you even hire someone to represent you. That’s the ideal way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, after all. 

10. Excellent Overall Customer Service

Finally, the last thing your immigration lawyer should prioritize is that of his or her customer service. Is it clear that you are the top priority from the very beginning, or does your potential lawyer make you feel as though you’re a waste of time? Remember, if you’re going to be spending money to work with someone, it’s worth having a trustworthy reputation from the start. 

Hire the Most Reliable Immigration Lawyer in Your Area

By this point, you recognize the value of having the right immigration lawyer on your side. You’re prepared to do your research and take the above hiring tips to heart. 

In addition, though, be sure to continue to keep yourself informed and educated. In fact, we prioritize bringing you the most informative and useful content to benefit you and your family.

That’s why we encourage you to keep browsing through our article archives. First, comment below this article about how it helped you move forward in your selection of a potential immigration lawyer. 

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