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3 Profound Pros and Cons Of The Future Church Online

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The simple answer is an outstanding YES, but the thing is that Church online was always going to be the way of the future whether the Coronavirus pandemic hit or it didn’t, it just came a bit faster.

We as people are always hesitant to any type of change. We enjoy things the way we like them and seldom to we like to be pushed past our comfort zones. When it comes to church this is especially true! The thought of Church going online makes some people nervous because the first thing that always comes up is the Church online is not the same as Church in person.

Me personally, I agree but that “preference” really depends on who you are asking. I have met many people that enjoy Church online way better than Church in person. There are also many great platforms to experience church online.

Pros of watching Church Online 🙂

1. Convenience

With every pro there is a possible con. One of the best things about Church online is that you can Worship God and watch the Word in your underwear on your couch on your timeframe. You can pause it to use the bathroom and jump right back in. The con with this could be laziness, easily distracted…etc.

We have to understand that in this day and age we are living in, people consume content in different ways. We live in an “on-demand” society and we can fight it or get creative in how we deliver the Word of God. This is what Church online platforms can deliver. Can’t get the kids up? No worries! Sick? Not a problem! You can get Church anytime you want!

2. Connect With The World…If You Want!

Imagine a day where you can be comfortable at your home, worshipping Jesus with hundreds and even thousands of people across the world. Interacting with people who love Jesus while worshipping during live online church services. Watching online church services can introduce you to people that you would’ve never met by just attending your physical location. The pioneer in this is Life Church Online. They have a service every 120 minutes or so and every time you go on, there is about 500 people online no matter what the time is. How amazing!?

3. Make It Personal

The other MAJOR plus of watching Church online is how personal you can make it. Much like how Life Church Online does it, we do something very similar. At any time during our services, you can request prayer and speak to a Core Member at Sound of Heaven. Imagine a place where you can request 1 on 1 prayer any time you want. Now that is something you can’t do during most Church services. You can’t just walk up and interrupt the Pastor are get 1 on 1 counsel during most Church services, but online you can! A quick shameless plug, be sure to check out our online church services platform.

Cons of watching Church Online 🙁

1. Not The Same Connection

It’s just not the same. That is a fact but that doesn’t mean it’s worse, attending Church online can actually be better. With that being said I do understand the power of walking inside of a building and seeing the greeters smiling and waving being able to hug someone and say hello. It’s like seeing extended family, that you actually like, and you get to do life together. Being in your house can sometimes make you feel isolated and you have to be able to “self start”, which most of us aren’t good it.

2. What About The Atmosphere?

One of my favorite parts about going to Church in person is being able to feel the electricity during worship surrounded by people pouring everything they have out in worship. I LOVE that! I love being able to feel the passion come from the Pastor’s heart when he empties himself out in his teaching. When watching church services online, you have to be able to set that tone, create that atmosphere yourself.

3. Where is everyone?

The fellowship! The other hard part is not being able to hang out after Church, talking with your friends, having a cup of coffee. Maybe you are used to getting a bite to eat after Church with your friends. Online Church doesn’t supply that togetherness… but maybe you can do a quick Zoom lunch 🙂 !?

The Verdict…

So what to do!? The answer is both! There is an importance with being in fellowship with people who can hold you accountable and attending your local Church services. On the other hand, you can learn so much more and meet so many people who will become lifelong friends by watching Church online.

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