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25 Incredible Reasons to Outsource PPC

Considering whether to outsource PPC or keep it in-house?

If you’ve got a business that you are trying to grow online, then you should consider PPC SEM. It’s probably the most efficient way of driving targeted traffic to your products or services online.

Though it takes testing, adjusting and optimization, PPC can help you go from no sales online to scaling up rapidly with a well optimized and well managed PPC campaign.

That’s why you should make it a goal to jump in the game and optimize your SEM for 2019. The quickest and most cost efficient way to do that is to outsource PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click, marketing is a type of online advertising that allows a marketer to only pay the bid cost of a certain keyword when their ad is clicked on by end-users.

It’s the task of the marketer is to bid on the highest converting keywords at the lowest possible cost to maximize profitability of their campaigns.

PPC campaigns are used for different marketing objectives for each marketer.

Campaign goals include:

There are many factors that must be considered, worked through, managed and optimized in order to be successful with a low-cost and high profitability PPC campaign. That’s why it’s a great idea to outsource PPC to an expert in this field.

There are many different disciplines in the world of online marketing today.

Hiring a generalist in online marketing is not a good idea when looking for a PPC expert. Just because a person has experience with SEO, Amazon sales, blogging, e-mail marketing, copywriting, digital graphic design, website development or some other field, it does not mean that they would be any good at PPC advertising.


There are many different PPC ad networks you can use to launch and conduct your PPC campaigns.

Google Adwords

Outsource PPC

Launched back in 2000, Google Adwords is the biggest PPC network of them all. Google still has the largest number of users, which means endless traffic and keywords that you can bid on.

There are millions of third-party websites that display Google ads in every single niche out there. Like they say about New York City, if you can make it with Google Adwords, you can make it anywhere.

But here’s a good question for you:  What happens when you get banned or declined from Google AdSense?

You need another alternative to outsource PPC!


This platform, though far less known than Google, works similarly to Google.

Bidvertiser shows ads that you create to third-party sites in a plethora of different niches. When visitors to these sites click on the ads, the site owner and Bidvertiser get paid and you, the marketer, get charged per click.

Facebook Ads Manager

Another popular option for PPC advertising is Facebook. With billions of users all over the globe, it’s safe to say they’ve got enough traffic for you to tap into.

But the good news is there are many, many more options as well. Do a little more research to find more networks that are available for PPC advertising.

Aspects of PPC Ad Management

outsource ppc in 2019

There are multiple aspects of a successful ad campaign that must be set up properly, managed, tested and finally, optimized for long-term success.

When you outsource PPC, you increase the chances of getting all of this done the right way by contracting an expert who does this work daily.

Your account must be set up correctly, campaigns and ad groups must be selected, keywords must be selected, you have to choose an audience, ad copy must be written, product listings must be created, device targeting selected, location targeting selected, and ad delivery schedule and budget must be selected and much more.

You need someone who has experience working through all aspects of this endeavor across many different industries, business phases, budgets, goals and more.

25 Factors to Consider Before You Outsource PPC

1 – Cost of PPC Expertise

There is a high cost of hiring a full-time PPC expert as opposed to outsourcing PPC campaigns.

You can easily make expensive mistakes with PPC campaigns. When you outsource PPC, you increase your chances of maximizing profitability and minimizing expensive mistakes because you can easily find an expert who is open to freelancing rather than demanding an employment contract.

2 – Advanced Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips


Adwords (now Google Ads), Facebook Ads Manager and Bing Ads Manager integrate with third party tools. These tools are needed for advanced campaign management.

Advanced tools can help with various parts of your campaign such as bid management, keyword research, analytics, and more. When you outsource PPC, you can simply ask a candidate which tools they use to simplify, streamline and advance the work of PPC optimization.

3 – Bid Management

Managing PPC bids is a huge part of the investment management of your PPC campaigns. The bidding component requires a lot of time but also a lot of experience and knowledge. It can get very complex and nuanced.

When you outsource PPC to an expert, they may have access to advanced tools that simplify the work of management.

– Stay on the Cutting Edge

When you bring a PPC expert on staff, you may inadvertently take them out of the market where they are learning and growing more rapidly. You also may not be able to afford the cost of continuing education, conferences, certifications and courses they may need to keep growing.

When you simply outsource PPC, you increase the likelihood of getting someone who is on the cutting edge of the evolutionary nature of online marketing. The more advanced candidates will keep themselves up-to-date on the latest within the world of PPC.

– Time Efficiency

ppc ad campaign

When you hire a PPC expert, other people in your company will likely be involved to some degree or another with their efforts. At the very least, the senior marketing director and you, the CEO.

Sure, there will be some time investment even if you outsource PPC.

However, you will likely be able to control costs more easily by outsourcing the task as opposed to taking it in-house.

6 – Faster Results

At the end of the day, your goal is to increase leads and sales a lot faster than you have been experiencing to this point, right?

Well, when you outsource PPC, you’re going to be able to quickly get your campaign up and running as opposed to starting the hiring process of making job posts, interviewing candidates, narrowing down your list of candidates, choosing the right person, and getting them on board with all of the rest of your office.

All of that with the risk of finding out once they’re actually doing the work, that they’re not a good fit!

7 – Stay Focused

PPC advertising and management is very powerful for delivering targeted traffic to your landing pages and offers.

Yet, as it is with most things in business, PPC campaign management is complex, not simple. It may look easy enough that the onset, but to really win an excel in this game, there is a lot of technical knowledge and experience that must be effectively applied and implemented.

8 – Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Certainly, now that you are older, you think riding a bike is elementary. Still, when you were learning it as a kid, likely, you made a ton of mistakes and fell a lot. This probably caused a lot of cuts and bruises that hurt as you learned.

The point here is that everything that you’re not an expert in requires the same process of making beginner mistakes that cause pain. Pain here often means you losing money and time that you may not be able to afford losing!

9 – Overspending on PPC

Outsource PPC overspending

Most people who take PPC in-house end up spending a lot more money on their campaigns and on employing staff needed to do the work that you could have avoided if you had just outsourced PPC.

10 – Deep Knowledge Base

When you take on PPC in-house, you immediately limit the level of services that you’re going to get for your company.

The PPC professional you hire may have experience with setting up campaigns and analytics, but not necessarily with A/B testing, phone tracking, designing landing pages, writing great sales copy, and more.

When you outsource PPC, you can contract a crew that work cohesively to do this work on a daily basis.

11 – Devil in the Details

Just as it is with most fields, there are many subtleties and nuances involved with PPC management.

As they say, “The devil is in the details.” It’s in the details of PPC management where the game is won.

If you hire someone who’s not on top of all of the details due to lack of experience, you could end up with lackluster results that waste your valuable time and money.

12 – Tracking PPC Campaigns Require Expertise

Facebook Ads PPC campaign tracking

Monitoring analytics of your Facebook and Google ad words campaigns are important because they tell you where you’re winning and where you’re losing.

Tags will need to be applied to your campaigns by installing HTML tracking code on your website. You can also track leads and sales from phone calls with additional set up.

If you know where your sales and leads are coming from, then you can invest more there and cut what’s not working.

13 – Stick to What YOU Do Best

When you do PPC in-house, you pick up a whole lot of additional burden — a complication that won’t necessarily pay off.

Many people get so bogged down into the details of trying to set campaigns up properly and make them work that they neglect their core business.

When this happens, you start to lose your business, and a downward spiral begins.

14 – Dedicated Expert

Instead of trying to split your time to work with a new PPC in-house professional, you’d be better served by contracting the services of a person or a group of contractors that specialize in PPC campaign management.

Contracting the work to a dedicated experts will pay off for you a lot faster than keeping this in-house.

15 – Huge Learning Curve

Outsource PPC learning curve

You may question whether or not you should hire a marketing freelancer who has learned how to do PPC themselves through a digital course or training program.

The logic is sound.

However, in reality, with so many companies competing for the same keywords in every niche imaginable online, it’s not easy to beat them out at an affordable cost when you don’t have a seasoned professional who knows the ins and outs of PPC management.

16 – Mastermind Effect

If you have read the classic book, “Think and Grow Rich,” you know the importance of the concept of the mastermind.

When you collaborate with experts who gather to solve the problems of your business then you grow faster and more efficiently.

You get this mastermind effect when you hire the services of a professional PPC contractor as opposed to trying to train an in-house worker who does not have a PPC background.

17 – Multiple PPC Platforms to Consider

The other thing that you need to consider here is that there are multiple PPC platforms which should be considered.

So if you hire a in-house PPC professional, likely, they are not an expert at multiple platforms. Likely, they are an expert in one of the many platforms upon which you should be running PPC campaigns.

Hiring freelance PPC managers gets you who you need for all the platforms you need without all the costs.

18 – Can’t Afford The Best Talent

PPC management team

If you can’t afford to hire a full in-house group for your PPC ad campaigns then your best bet is to just outsource PPC.

You can easily spend $120,000 to hire just one PPC professional, let alone a whole department.

19 – Greater Access to Excellence

When you outsource PPC, you get access to a pool of talent that is staying on top of best practices in the field of PPC across a broad variety of channels.

You can’t expect your in-house crew to be able to compete with a dedicated PPC ad agency or expert with 10 years of experience.

20 – Office Drama

Frankly, more people on your in-house team means more potential for office drama.

Make your life a lot simpler by simply outsourcing PPC and keeping your in-house team lean and mean.

21 – Feel Like Competitors Are Ahead of You

Outsource PPC competitors

If you feel like competitors are moving ahead of you when you look at their web presence, you see the number of new clients they’re bringing on or you catch wind of how much new product they’re selling, they’re PPC expert help could be the difference.

You can quickly move up the field if you outsource PPC.

22 – Want a Multi-Channel Strategy

In order to continue to scale your business, you need to consider running PPC campaigns on not just one but on multiple platforms.

This means you will need the help of experts in those various platforms.

The easiest way to get this help is to contract out the work to experts in those various platforms – as opposed to attempting to keep it in-house and training your in-house talent.

23 – Advanced Strategy

Outsource PPC advanced strategy

After you get your PPC campaign set up and start seeing success, you want to turn things up a notch and move towards more advanced strategies.

These strategies can lead to lower cost of your ad spend while increasing sales.

It’s going to be the experts who were staying on top of trends in PPC that will help you implement these.

24 – Broader Perspective

Internal staff tend to get tunnel vision and lose sight of the various possibilities that you have with PPC campaign management.

When you hire an outsourced professional or group of professionals, you are working with someone who is exposed to many different trends that expand their minds to other possibilities.

25 – Management

When you have to manage PPC professionals that are in-house, then your resources and attention is diverted away from running other critical aspects of your business.

When you outsource PPC, you allow yourself to work with talent that is self-managed. They will likely just report to you on things that need to take place and share data analytics.

Final Thoughts

Right now is a perfect time to get started with PPC advertising to grow your business.

You can start by searching here for freelance PPC experts who can help reach your goals.

List out the platforms and campaigns that you need and send in a request for the people you need to run your efforts.

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