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5 Useful Gifts That Every Millennial Will Love You for Buying Them

As of 2019, there are about 73 million millennials in the United States. That massive number makes the group the most populous in the country (with Baby Boomers coming in at a close second).

If you know a millennial then you’ve probably been faced with the task of buying that person a gift at one point or another.

Is buying a gift for a millennial particularly hard? No, not really. A jar of mustache cream or a new cellphone case will usually get you a pleasant “Thank you.”

In this post though, our hope is to inspire you to do more than just give the millennials in your life a gift. We want you to give them useful gifts that they themselves didn’t even know they needed but will quickly realize that they can’t live without.

Here are 5 gifts that fit the bill:

1. A Nice Cutting Board

We’ve got a whole swath of millennials that are on the verge of losing their apartment security deposits because those lame-o’s are chopping vegetables, bread and other things on their counters.

Come on people! Get a cutting board!

Save your millennial friend/family member/lover a few hundred bucks and give them the gift of an adult-looking, sturdy board and they’ll be eternally in your debt.

2. An Ice Coffee Maker

A lot of millennials are new to the 9 to 5 lifestyle and are just beginning to figure out how little they like waking up for work every morning. Most of them use coffee to get their day’s started and a lot of them are now on the verge of heatstroke because of the sweltering places that they live.

Help the millennial in your life stay cool while staying awake by buying them an ice coffee maker.

Most ice coffee makers can make hot-brews as well so the machine that you buy can likely replace your recipient’s whole setup.

3. A Grown-Up Bag

Go on popular gift sites likeĀ this website and you’re going to see that they sell a lot of adult-looking bags. Do you know why grown-up bags are so darn popular?

Because the world is tired of watching millennials come into work with JanSport backpacks hanging off of their shoulders.

Sure, adult bags can be pricey. But you’d be doing your millennial loved one a huge favor by gifting them one.

4. An Umbrella That’s Not From the Dollar Store

Nobody likes to see a 30-year-old man/women with a Paw Patrol umbrella that they got from the dollar store. Help put an end to that by gifting a quality umbrella to your millennial.

If your gift recipient lives in a rainy area, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better useful gifts idea.

5. A Basic Toolbox

Everybody needs a hammer. Everybody needs a screwdriver. Every young person could use a basic toolbox.

Need we say more?

Wrapping Up Our Useful Gifts Suggestions

A lot of millennials are too busy spending money on their student debt to buy themselves the useful gifts that we’ve just mentioned so do the person that you know a solid and buy one of these items for them.

They’ll appreciate you for it.

Need more “gift-spiration”? Then check out more of our blog content!

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