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Invasive Species in Florida

Top 5 Invasive Species in Florida

Do you want to build your home near Florida Everglades?

The Everglades can be a great choice to live in. However, if you’re new to Florida, you may not be aware of the various invasive species.

Don’t worry; this article covers the invasive species in Florida and what you need to learn about them. Have a worry-free life, and don’t let them make your home their habitat.

So here are the top five invasive species in Florida that you need to watch out for in your vicinity.

1. The Giant African Snail

Snails are cute, but what if what you found is too big with a measure of 7 inches? These giant African snails eat any native plants, and they target home residences. If they lack calcium for their shells, they even try to meal down buildings and car paints.

2. The Dangerous Feral Hog

Despite being a hunter’s favorite prey, their extreme population creates an imbalanced ecosystem. Feral hogs are one of the top invasive species in Florida. They can inflict severe damage to people around them, so they must be in a secure habitat.

Florida residents once spotted a 400-pound wild hog in Palm Bay before. It’s best to keep an eye out for feral hogs even when you’re out in public areas.

3. The Group of Cuban Tree Frogs

These Cuban tree frogs landed in Florida way back in the 1920s through a cargo ship. Since then, people in the southern part of Florida have considered them pests. They flop and cause agricultural ruins.

Their favorite meals are smaller frogs and smaller native snakes. So natural conservation is at risk because of them.

4. The Hazardous Green Iguana

These green iguanas first appeared in the 1960s in the southern wilds of Florida. These green iguanas have a length of 5 feet, weigh up to 17 pounds, and destroy properties. They dig burrows as they linger in your home.

Though they love to eat plants, they also feed on bird eggs and snails, so you need to look out for them. Don’t want any iguanas on your property? Check out these tips for getting rid of iguanas.

5. The Feared Burmese Python

Burmese pythons, once a home pet, tend to linger in Florida when their owners released them. They grow with massive lengths, and they’re very dangerous. They love to attack endangered animals that destabilize the native ecosystem.

Avoid engaging with a Burmese python. Once spotted, call the Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Beware of Invasive Species in Florida

Now you know the top invasive species in Florida Everglades! Be it a giant snail or a dangerous green iguana, be sure to be familiar with them. So you can know what to do when you see them face to face.

Though they can be a hassle to deal with, invasive species are nothing to fear. Every ecosystem homes at least a few invasive species. If you want to know more about these, consider checking out our other guides here.

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