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2019 Best Web Development Practices

With the evolution of the custom web development services industry, relevant trends of 2018 might not work in 2019. An ideal website is something that can rank well as per the globally accepted internet standards. In the era of technology, having a digital presence is not enough, your business needs to be ahead of competitors in order to interact with target audience. Website is one of the most important customer engagement tools for maintaining interaction with target audience. A number of factors participate in website development. We are defining some of the most important practices to prioritize in 2019. Your website performance will improve dramatically by following these practices:Here are some of the best practices that are required for a successful business in 2019.

Little recap of website development practices in 2018:

  • Interactive, responsive or intuitive mobile designs
  • Sign-up or subscription boxes at footer
  • Social media profiles
  • Intuitive features in header
  • Compelling videos, GIFs and animation
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for data analytics

(i) Purpose of landing page:

Don’t underestimate how important landing pages are. So, if you are looking for Seattle web design firms then it is also important to hire a web designer with proper knowledge of landing page. The sole intention of this landing page should be to attract visitors in required manner. Although there are a plethora of websites available on the internet but only few leverage the function of well-designed landing page. Depending on the industry type, designs of landing page can be different. Make sure to add summary and contact information of the company website.

(ii) Show instead of telling:

Visuals can give a deeper explanation of anything without using text. So, it is better to show things to the visitors instead of explaining them every product. Visuals will help them in understanding in a better way, that’s too in a short span of time.

For example, if you are selling cosmetic products. So, instead of explaining each and every product, you can simply have a photo with an eye-catching short slogan. Deliver your message in short words rather than long sentences.

(iii) Optimization of CTA buttons:

With CTA, you can not only beautify the page but also can be clicked according to will. Websites must be easy and simple to navigate as it is not good practice to make visitors have to search for particular information. In this case, you can lose a potential lead which can be reflected in the bounce rate of the website. Ask your developers to develop an easy website instead of a sending visitors on a wild goose chase. Undoubtedly, your website has all the information but the message is not cleared.

In order to engage your customers, optimize CTA buttons of your website with these simple tips:

  • Make sure that only button should be visible to the users, so reduce clutter.
  • Make the CTA personalized.
  • Use term “I” instead of “We” while phrasing any statement.
  • Use buttons with bright color as it attracts viewers’ attention.

(iv) Improve the loading speed of your website:

Make sure that your website page loads in less than 2 seconds as increase in loading time will lose many potential leads even before they see your offers. Ask your developer to develop such a design to reduce the bounce rate so that visitors can stay on the website for some time.

(v) Use short sentences and paragraphs:

If you want to attract clients with text everywhere then it will lose that potential lead as visitors don’t take interest in reading long sentences. But if there is a need to write long sentences, use short paragraphs as it will give readers a short break during the reading. Don’t repeat the same information in each paragraph. If you delete unnecessary content on your pages then clutter will be reduced and users will get more room to put emphasis on call-to-action. Nobody shows interest in reading long essays, so bullet points or small paragraphs are also better options. Include new fact in the starting of each paragraph so visitors can have an idea if this paragraph is suitable for them or not.

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.

(vi) Tips to improve website loading speed:

  • Make sure the optimization of your cache.
  • Remove bad HTML
  • Before uploading any file to the server, compress it.
  • Minimum HTTP requests.
  • Clean up broken links
  • Reduce image size on website
  • Clear redirects forms

(vii) Responsive web design:

Responsive web design to must to stay in competition. Develop responsive websites is an important best practice so that users can open it on their mobile phones.

(viii) Build a Content Delivery network:

Implement a network of personalized content delivery in 2019 by which you can deliver content in your desired format. By this, user can have a control on content.

(ix) Need of a content delivery network:

  • Higher traffic loads can be handled.
  • Page load speed can be improved.
  • Bandwidth consumption can be reduced.
  • Users can block bots and spammers.
  • Website can be protected from DDoS attacks.

(x) Prioritize SEO:

Everything we do on our website needs SEO as approximate 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine so SEO strategy must be very developed instead of just adding keywords. You can check that on-site optimization ranked high as compared to any site without SEO. Moreover, you can also create XML sitemap so that Search engine crawlers can analyze content. So, sitemap will show the bot locations on site, its updating frequency, its last update etc. Additionally, you can also get information of duplicate content that can damage the SEO rankings.

(xi) Social media: 

A plethora of active users are available on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin etc so it is very important to make your business presence on these social media platforms. Brand’s visibility on these mediums will create easy customer touch points to boost your affinity. Moreover, there is an easy interconnection between social media platforms and website.Adding social media links on website will enable visitors to navigate easily on to your different social media profiles to explore more about your business and brand.

(xii) Hire experts and professionals:

Digital presence of any business is a must but a professional website design can build a strong foundation of your business in the market. Although best practices keep on changing because of the technological advancements in operating systems or web servers. So, hire a professional web design company is recommended.

Best development practices 2019?

best web development practices

  • Same color palette can be kept throughout the design.
  • Website should be designed mobile friendly.
  • Extra care is given to the header and footer as it can be used for contact information, navigation and many more.
  • Make unique fonts that should be consistent across the website.
  • Make sure that important decisions should be easy to find.
  • Display logos, awards to boost credibility.
  • Most important pages should be added in the navigation menu.
  • For SEO point of view, there should be relevant content of minimum 600 words in each page.
  • Visually compelling videos and pictures should be used.
  • Make your own email list that will give you many advantages in coming years.


Do you want to design a website with the same practices we have mentioned above? Are you looking for the best Seattle web development company to offer your custom web development services? Contact us today and take an important step to improve your website performance.

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