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Nrby, Inc. Announces the Release of SmartLines™


Manchester, NH, October 13, 2023— Nrby, Inc., a leading innovator in cloud-based location intelligence for broadband service providers, is thrilled to announce the release of SmartLines. Built on the foundation of Nrby’s ground-breaking SmartPin technology, SmartLines promises to streamline and accelerate the evolution to fiber networks.

With the rise of digital communication, broadband networks have become the backbone of our interconnected world. The need for efficient, seamless, and intelligent mapping and digital workflow solutions has never been higher. Addressing this demand, SmartLines introduces real-time bi directional workflow automation and mapping of fiber and connected endpoints. For service providers who seek to harness the power of fiber, SmartLines offers an unparalleled solution. With the help of SmartLines, broadband networks can transform from static design infrastructure into dynamic ecosystems. By leveraging Nrby’s API or uploading static KML and Shape Files from design tools, these previously static lines transform into interactive, clickable connections.

Ron Miller, Chief Customer Success Officer at Nrby, Inc., shared his enthusiasm for this latest innovation:

“SmartLines represents a monumental leap forward in the evolution of broadband networks. It not only accelerates the buildout of fiber but does so in a manner that’s both efficient and interactive. By turning static lines into dynamic connections, we are ushering in a new era of fiber buildout, connectivity, and integration”.

Service providers can look forward to harnessing these advancements to:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Automate workflows and reduce manual input for better network management.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Deliver reliable and streamlined service with real-time data and updates.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Utilize location-based data for informed decision-making, optimizing resource and capital allocation.

James Galliford, Director of Research and Development at Blue Ridge Communications, championed the product’s potential, saying,

“SmartLines is indeed the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. Its dynamic capabilities not only align with our operational imperatives but also promise an unmatched user experience. Nrby’s visionary approach is exactly what the evolving broadband landscape demands. In an industry that thrives on connectivity and efficiency, SmartLines is a game-changer.”

SmartLines is not just a product; it’s a testament to Nrby’s commitment to pushing boundaries and defining the future of broadband network operations and infrastructure buildout. As the world continues to digitize, Nrby stands at the forefront, ready to guide service providers into the next chapter of digital evolution.

For more information on SmartLines or to schedule a demo, contact Paul Palermo at [email protected] or visit

Meet Nrby, Inc. at this year’s SCTE Expo, October 17th – 19th at booth #947 alongside our partner, Advanced Media Technologies (AMT).

About Blue Ridge:

For nearly three decades, Blue Ridge Communications has been a driving force in advancing connectivity across Pennsylvania. With high-speed internet and cutting-edge fiber services, Blue Ridge ensures that families stay connected and small businesses remain at the forefront – now, and well into the future. Its unwavering commitment is centered on the relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with its role as an active community partner, where it continuously strives to enhance the quality of life within the regions it proudly serves. For a more comprehensive understanding of Blue Ridge’s mission and a detailed look at its product offerings, you’re invited to explore its website at, where the pursuit of excellence meets the spirit of community engagement.

About Nrby, Inc.:

Nrby, Inc. is a pioneer in location intelligence platforms, providing real-time insights and smart notifications to businesses worldwide. With the Nrby Platform, organizations can streamline their operations, proactively address issues, and enhance customer satisfaction. For more information visit

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