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10 Tips for Marketing Your Metal Working Business

The metalworking industry has a long lineage and tradition dating back to pre-history. There is a simplicity in driving hammer to metal and a complexity of the electrode flow passing through the welding tip.

Your business houses a hardened bunch… so what does someone like you regard the pencil pushing of branding and marketing?

The consolidating market formed steep competition for small players.

The sales solution is sending an arc through your marketing initiatives. This article shares tips for marketing a metalworking business in layman’s terms.

Fire it up! We’re about to put a fire to your growth.

The Foundation for Metalworking Marketing

A “foundation” sets before applying the following tips for marketing your metalworking business. This foundation creates precision — a golden arm to your marketing efforts.

The big foundational three are:

  • Branding
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Avatar

Do these terms sound alien? Here’s an easy way to understand:


Your branding is the culmination of the business image and authority.

Gather these notes and resources:

  • Logo
  • Contacts
  • Purpose
  • Culture

These will align the creative and copy used in the marketing materials.

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the unique offer you deliver to clients. This defines why someone chooses your business over the competition.

Gather these:

  • Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Inquiries

These will align the outreach and assets crafted through marketing efforts.

Customer Avatar

Your customer avatar defines your ideal customer. This is an exact blueprint and profile of who buys from your business.

Gather these:

  • Demographics
  • Clientele Data

These will align your targeted efforts with all parts of the marketing push.

Welding the Three

The three items may not make sense now. But, these are ultimately the reasoning and logic behind your marketing and promotions.

You need just three things to weld them together:

  • An Internet connection
  • A business website
  • A marketing budget

Here’s how to put that foundation to good use…

How to Market Your Business Online

You’re in luck.

The metalworking industry does great physical work… but their use of websites and online marketing is abysmal. Many competitors have done nothing more than tack a disjointed site.

Your competitor’s lack of online marketing is your opportunity.

1. Content Creation

An estimated 72% of marketers found content an effective online lead generation format. This comes as no surprise considering the Internet is a collection of data and content.

Great content:

  • Conveys your value proposition
  • Helps build a stronger brand
  • Targets and informs prospective leads
  • Encourages sales and inquiry

Your business already sits on many, potential online articles for its content strategy:

  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Q&A
  • FAQ’s
  • Documents

A Web user could find out more about a machining topic in search listings. This helps them understand its value while attaching contact details. A business prospect discovering your content is then likely to get in touch!

2. Social Media Marketing

The information you publish to the site becomes fuel for your social media efforts. 53% of social media users share online news and articles. This could be your site’s content and message!

The three social platforms to be on include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Facebook would provide a general audience through a business page. This page gives a publishing and advertising platform to engage users. The content you’d share comes from the blog driving parties back to the site (and sales funnel).

LinkedIn is a professional network to connect with business owners and influencers. Here, you can post to your feed, join industry groups, and direct message prospects.

Twitter is an open platform you’d use to share quick snippets and discussions. This platform is ideal for real-time news and opinions. You could leverage Twitter for feedback and customer service, too.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Applying SEO efforts to your site will increase its position in search listings. The #1 spot in Google receives a majority share of traffic. This position is possible through on-page strategies and off-site link building.

Here’s a metalworking SEO strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Find the common keywords and phrases used in your industry
  2. Create content targeting the customer avatar
  3. Apply keywords/phrases in the title, description, and URL
  4. Reuse the main and secondary keywords in the post
  5. Get links from sites by writing on theirs and linking back to the post

The search ‘signals’ increase as the page matures and gains links. You can hurry this through social media marketing!

4. Referral Marketing

Referal marketing incentivizes the word-of-mouth promotion performed by followers and clients. Businesses set up affiliate marketing channels providing partner resources to promote the brand.

Your business could harness its passionate following leading to more links. Plus, social mentions in exchange for a commission.

An easy way to do this:

  1. Create a unique link for each participant
  2. Track site traffic/inquiries through this link
  3. Pay the individual if the lead converts

A complex and scalable way to do this:

  1. Install affiliate marketing software on your site
  2. Attract affiliate partners to the program
  3. Present assets like banners and tracking tools
  4. Use contests and internal promotions to boost efforts
  5. Pay using ACH or Check once partners reach payout thresholds

You could use referral engines in the company giving employees a bonus to promote its offers!

5. Video Marketing

Take what you’ve done with content creation and turn it into a video! This is rather easy since you have the ‘script’ being the blog’s content. This requires a small investment in video creation tools and willingness to be on camera.

Here’s how it could work:

  1. Select 5 – 10 of the best content on your site
  2. Memorize the main topics and bullet points
  3. Set up a camera in a side office or remote location
  4. Hit record and begin explaining the topic
  5. Edit the video and upload it to YouTube

You could use your smartphone’s camera for the recording. Then, use YouTube’s video editing tool and add your branding for a finishing touch. Alternatively, tap freelance content creators to help with the video creation and marketing.

Now your business has two potential content listings in search engines. And, a new content piece to share on social media or in newsletters.

Creative Ways to Market Your Business

What marketing materials did your competition have the last time you bumped heads? Was it a business card and nothing more? Creative metalworking marketing could be what has you locking down more clients.

Here are a few clever ways to market your business:

6. Artisan Media

A small but passionate segment of Web users has an infatuation with artisan media. This media showcases craftsmanship through slow and detailed videos and image collages.

What channels showcase artisan work?

  • Reddit’s /r/ArtisanVideos
  • Pinterest’s artisan-tagged pins
  • Facebook’s artisan communities

These locations could show off your work and convey its value proposition. The process follows the same routine as with video marketing. Or, detailing the process using content on your site’s blog.

Wrap the content with your logo and branded social handle. Including the two helps maximize its viral nature within smaller communities.

7. Apparel

A well-designed shirt can help spread brand awareness. This apparel is also fantastic for giveaways and booth promotions at industry events.

Others noticing the apparel may feel inclined to visit the site. Or, inquire with an employee touting it in public.

Try this:

  1. Use a 99Designs contest for the unique design
  2. Order a set of branded apparel from 4Imprint or BrandedGear
  3. Have employees wear the T’s at work and for business media
  4. Distribute the apparel to your biggest fans as an unexpected bonus
  5. Get employees and fans sharing swag pics on social media (with a hashtag)

You could include a unique URL on each shirt sending inquiring minds to a targeted landing page. There, you deliver a tailored message sending them deeper into the sales funnel.

8. Slack

Slack is a team communication tool used by businesses to align tasks and share resources. But, it’s quickly becoming a great way to attract and build an exclusive community.

Your business could create a slack channel for metalworking insiders. There, participants could discuss the industry, share ideas, and job opportunities.

How does this marketing strategy benefit your business?

  • Entices links from industry websites and blogs
  • Garners feedback used to improve your primary channels
  • Leverages connections for referral marketing opportunities

Your business becomes the central authority of all thing’s metalworking!

9. Non-Profit Work

Infrequent and lackluster funding restricts a non-profits’ operation. These organizations are stretched thin — without resources to improve infrastructure.

Make a social impact by providing free metalworking services to non-profits.

How does this help the business?

  • Referrals through the non-profit’s network
  • Potential news coverage for good deeds

Use Habitat for Humanity as an example with their home-building projects. This selfless action draws attention to the business.

10. Directories

Directories like Angie’s List,, and Google Local provide free local listings. The channels also provide options for premium upgrades and advertising.

There’s a good chance your business is listed in these directories. But, a bigger chance listings aren’t optimized to attract those set as the customer avatar.

Do this:

  1. Review and audit your local listings
  2. Apply local SEO tactics to improve listing rankings
  3. Track and respond to feedback and criticism
  4. Explore premium options to reach bigger audiences

Also, search “Your Industry” + “Business Listing” to find free online directories. There, you can add your business details. Traffic from free directories is sparse, but it does extend your marketing reach.

Extra Tips for Marketing and Resources

This post covered ten tips for marketing your metalworking business. But, there are hundreds more worth exploring once you’ve covered the basics.

Your budget and creativity determine your changes for growth. Explore our blog to find more marketing tactics fit for your metalworking business.

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