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10 Storage Unit Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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Whether you live in a small apartment in the heart of a large city or a family house in the midst of the suburbs, you will need to keep your excess belongings in a storage facility at some point in your life. It’s practically an American rite of passage at this point.

And, even if you lived in Mt Juliet for less than a year, you can’t have missed seeing a storage unit (or five). But, regardless of which storage unit size you pick, it’s critical to know how to put your stuff in order.

Your self-storage facility does not have to be a jumble of garbage bags, old boxes, furniture, and debris. So, keep on reading for our full breakdown on how to make the most out of your storage units in Mt Juliet with ten simple organization hacks.

1. Setting up Your Storage Units in Mt Juliet 101: Create an Inventory

Everything you place in your self-storage container should be itemized.

If you need to locate anything later, it might save you time and energy. There are various methods for doing this, but one of the simplest is to number each box and write down everything you put in it. Keep your inventory secure, make sure everyone knows where it is, and keep it up to date as you add and remove goods.

2. Use Boxes Rather Than Bags

This one is fairly simple: wherever feasible, use cartons instead of bags.

Garbage bags may easily break or retain moisture, allowing mildew to form. They can provide the image of an untamed garage for your storage facility. Instead, use uniformly sized boxes and bins to simplify stacking and maintain the storage unit appearing clean and orderly.

A clean storage unit is easy to access and makes visiting the storage facility less of a burden. If you’re storing furniture or oddly shaped goods, try stacking boxes on top of sofas and bundling objects like rakes and brooms together in the corner.

3. Open up an Aisle

What use is a storage unit if you can’t get to the stuff you store in it when you need them?

Before you begin putting boxes in a storage unit, it is a good idea to draw a floor layout. If you’ve previously built a virtual inventory of your belongings, planning and organizing your storage unit based on item types should be simple.

Allow just enough room to pull out a box and sort through its contents. You may be creative and utilize any existing shelves in the unit as extra storage space by arranging them along the walls with a narrow aisle for easy access.

4. Use Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothing

Using vacuum-packed bags, you can protect your clothing, towels, and other materials from pests, mildew, and wrinkles. These bags may then be stored in containers or cartons for convenient stacking.

In addition to providing protection, vacuum sealing your materials may aid in space optimization by eliminating extra air. It’s remarkable how much volume can be saved by simply eliminating all the air from winter jackets, blankets, and apparel.

Also, considering the humidity at Mt Juliet, you might want to aim for climate-controlled storage units.

5. Cover the Floor With Plastic

Because most storage containers are outdoors, covering the floor with a thick sheet of plastic achieves two things.

First, it protects your possessions from the severity of winter by preventing temperature changes inside the unit. Second, it protects the bottom of your boxes from condensation, which leads to the formation of mold and mildew.

However, do not cover your possessions in plastic, since this might retain moisture and have the opposite effect. To prevent dust from gathering on your belongings, use dust coverings or breathable textiles.

6. Treat Your Things Like a Russian Doll

Remember that objects such as luggage, dressers, drawers, and furniture can and should be utilized to store goods.

Because empty space is wasted space, the Russian Doll Method recommends keeping valuables inside bigger things. Fill old luggage with extra clothes or goods to make use of them.

Do you need to store your shelf? Place extra dishes, glasses, or books on the shelf. Fill your drawers with extra clothes, ideally in vacuum-sealed bags. There are several strategies to maximize space in your storage container.

7. Make Use of Dividers

Dividers may help you organize your unit and ensure that nothing gets misplaced.

They’re particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of storage space since you can use them to separate winter jackets, summer items, camping gear, and so on. Furthermore, the more you pack your unit with dividers and other storage units, the less likely it is that anything will topple over onto something else when you’re storing it.

8. Put Heavy Things at the Bottom

As a general guideline, when filling boxes, put heavier objects on the bottom to avoid damaging anything.

Additionally, don’t put all of your heavy stuff in a single box; you’ll be more likely to drop and shatter it. Instead, divide the weight of your things equally across all of your boxes and put heavier boxes at the bottom of a stack.

This may seem obvious, but it may make a significant difference in the accessibility of objects inside your storage unit.

9. Insure Your Valuables

Never keep valuables without insurance, no matter how much you trust your storage facility.

If you’re keeping anything of worth, such as your grandmother’s antique china or that television you got on Black Friday because it was unusually reduced, be sure to insure it. It may seem to be a waste of money today, but consider how much money you’d save if your storage container and everything within were destroyed.

10. Separately Store Liquids

This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. If you opt to keep liquids in your storage container, keep them separate.

Liquids are bulky and take up space that may be better used for anything else. Plus, you don’t want them leaking or exploding (depending on what they are) on everything else.

Self Storage Done Right

It might be tempting to shove your things in your storage units in Mt Juliet and call it a day. But, we can assure you that you’ll regret it once you need to grab something quickly.

We hope that our ten tips have given you a good starting point as to how to organize your 24-hour storage units. And, if you’re looking for one, we’ve got you covered. You can sign up online or call us at (615) 246-7065 and we can help you pick the right units for your needs.

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