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10 simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle

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Here are the 10 simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle.

You may have heard over the news and social media platforms that our Earth is going through an environmental crisis, but you have no knowledge of what is actually happening? Well, let me break it down to you! Our planet is suffering. Climate change is occurring all over the world, sea levels are increasing, endangering coastal cities, glaciers are melting, pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, water resources are drying up, and people are dying from health hazards. And guess what? Mankind is responsible for all these changes. We exploited the beautiful Earth because we thought it would last forever, and to tell you the truth. forever is coming soon. If we do not change our way of living, there will be no Earth left for our children. There are so many approaches and outlets you can change in your daily activities to protect our environment from harm.

Waste Recycling

Waste RecyclingWaste Recycling

We, humans, have a responsibility for contaminating our environment; therefore, it is our job to correct it and guarantee that no additional deterioration is done. Recycling embodies the epitome of an eco-friendly lifestyle, which can salvage our environment from getting polluted. In simple terms, recycling is a marvelous action, through which we do not undermine all the used materials and instead, we use them over and over again. As a result, we are utilizing our resources in a more efficient and lively way. The 3 R’s known as: “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling” is the cardinal rule we must try to pursue, as it is a fantastic approach to decrease waste in our daily lives.

Why is this necessary? You must know that every day, millions of tons of materials are deteriorating into waste, filling landfills, while we are still exploiting our environment from its richness. Take, for example, paper, which represents 40% of municipal solid waste. To create one ton of paper, factories are required to use seventeen mature trees to produce them. Therefore, if you recycle one ton of paper, you are actually saving 17 trees. So, we must all apply the 3 Rs. Let’s all recycle and reuse all the items we utilize, and this way, we can both reduce the waste load, and save energy from utilizing “virgin” products to make new materials. This is just one od 10 simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle. If our environment can recycle everything, so can we!

Reduce Carbon Emission through Green Transportation

Reduce Carbon Emission through Green TransportationReduce Carbon Emission through Green Transportation

Another effective proposal to be eco-friendly is to utilize carbon-free vehicles, take public transportation or rely on carpooling with your colleagues so you can economize fuel and decrease your carbon footprint. You may understand that a carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you release in the atmosphere from activities you do, however, did you know that almost everything you do produces carbon dioxide. This carbon emission augments climate change, producing environmental disasters, like reducing water supplies, aids in severe weather conditions, melt glaciers, and affect food growth. These modifications could be irreversible and to what I know, there is no Planet B.

For this reason, when you decide to walk, take the train or bus, ride a bike, or use a carbon-free automobile, you are reducing your carbon emission and protecting our ozone layer from further deterioration. Even more, by carpooling, you also diminish the amount of fuel you use and keep your budget at bay.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants and Flowers

Indoor and Outdoor Plants and FlowersIndoor and Outdoor Plants and Flowers

An easy way that all people can do to diminish contamination on a personal stance is by simply growing plants in their house. Having plants or flowers both indoor and outdoor will aide in cleansing and purifying the air, which results in a cleaner environment. Remember plants use carbon dioxide from the air to grow and then, they release oxygen through photosynthesis, therefore keeping our environment richly oxygenated, which, of course, is necessary to survive. For that reason, we must all thrive in reforestation to improve our quality of life and of our future children.

Additionally, when you have plants indoor, they help diminish indoor pollutants, that may come from your carpets, pets, furniture, and even your heating system. Plants are also capable of filtering noxious gases and purifying your surroundings, and that way, you will reduce energy consumption. Take into consideration that a shady atmosphere will keep your house fresher and reduce energy, especially during summer.

Eco-friendly Clothing

Eco-friendly ClothingEco-friendly Clothing

Due to the environmental hazards related to water and air pollution, increasing populations are looking at a further look towards an eco-green lifestyle, and surprisingly enough, utilizing certain products, as eco clothing is thriving in many industries while appealing to many audiences.

The process of making clothing requires the use of many materials, energy, and work, where fertilizers and pesticides are used to grow crops for conventional cotton and dyes. All of this contributes to water, land, and air pollution. Thus, the use of no synthetic pesticides and man-made fertilizers help in sustaining a cleaner environment. Industries are also using eco fiber, such as hemp, which further reduces the use of pesticides. Soy fibers are also used as eco textile since it diminishes wasted from soybean production and is also biodegradable.

You can engage in eco-friendly clothing by utilizing products from environmentally friendly materials like this one, or you can even contribute more by using recycled clothing or second-made products. This action will help swerve traffic to waste landfills.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits

Growing your own vegetables and fruitsGrowing your own vegetables and fruits

Remember when I said that almost everything we do produces carbon emission? Well, most food products have a carbon footprint embedded on them because resources and equipment are necessary to grow, harvest, package, and transport them. Also, add the fact that you also produce some carbon dioxide when you cook those products. Therefore, you are able to reduce this carbon emission by merely purchasing local produce, or even go the extra mile and create your own garden at home.

You reduce your carbon footprint in many ways:

  • Save fuel from traveling to the market
  • Use less plastic and packaged materials
  • Organic food is harvested without the use of harmful chemicals

You can also create a community garden in your neighborhood so everyone can enjoy eating fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. With more people pitching in, even just a little, you are able to make a difference in the world.

Zero Food Miles

Zero Food MilesZero Food Miles

Have you heard of this concept before? It simply means to resort to purchasing local produce. Other people call it “Locavorism”. This way of life incites the sale and consumption of local produce, and therefore, reduces the necessity of traveling great distances to obtain your food. The benefits of zero food miles are the same as growing your own produce garden. You help reduce your carbon emission by preserving fuel and energy from traveling great distances and you are guaranteed that the food you are consuming is fresh and seasonal. An important factor in purchasing local produce focuses on consuming chemical and pesticide-free products, which will improve your overall health.

Green Energy

Green EnergySolar panels

Today, we live in a technological era, where we rely highly on gadgets and devices to connect with others, obtain information, keep in touch with other people, etc. and we utilize electricity to power them. Have you ever wondered what happens when you turn on the switch or connect your charger? The electricity derives from a certain power source, and unfortunately, 63% of that energy comes from fossil fuels in America. Fossil fuels impact negatively in such a high percentage on our environment, as it contributes to air pollution, increases carbon emission, depletes our ozone layer, and causes climate change. Therefore, we must change our lifestyle to advance in more green and sustainable energy.

We are able to create our own energy using solar panels to power up our house, without the need to pollute our planet. Additionally, we can also rely on green tags, also known as renewable energy credits, which produces or generates clean power from wind, water, solar, and thermal sources. Imagine if we shift our energy consumption to renewable energy, which is practically available to everyone to be utilized.

Eco-friendly Beauty

Eco-friendly BeautyEco-friendly Beauty

Everyone is trying to stay fit and young to assert themselves in this new world and many of us, including myself, rely on cosmetic products to main a youthful face and skin. However, did you ever taken into consideration that all those cosmetics you use on your body get absorbed by your skin and contain chemicals, preservatives, and other compounds that, in the long run, could affect your overall health? That is why another healthy approach and eco-friendly, at the same time, is to use environmental-friendly products.

Sustainable beauty utilizes products that are vegan (plant-based), cruelty-free (are not tested on animals), organic (do not contain harmful chemicals), and are manufactured in the best recycling process. Another important aspect of these cosmetics is that they are palm oil free since the production of palm oil contributes to natural deterioration, increased amounts of carbon emission. It is also notorious the burning of palm, which has resulting in the wipeout of many forests and landscapes.

Therefore, using cosmetics that are ranked in being environmentally-friendly will ensure our planet is being taken care of, including our fauna and flora, while also reassuring that those products that we utilize on our bodies are safe.

Fashion sustainability

Fashion sustainability 10 simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle

Many fashion companies are aiming at creating ethical fashion., which is both people-friendly and eco-friendly. The creation of ethical fashion derives on constructing empowering and dignified job positions for employees in precarious situations, instead of the inhumane ways that were used before, such as sweatshops and child labor. This involves a fair trade, where workers now have access to humane conditions, free speech, fair wages, and healthcare, among other things.

Additionally, the clothing produced is based on sustainability. Therefore, eco-friendly materials are used, and they are safe for people and the environment. Factories and companies reduce water consumption and waste production, since it focuses on using renewable energy and diminish contamination.

Sensitize youth

Simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyleSimple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle

Education is an important aspect of the flourishing of any country so it can build conscious professionals and citizens to make the world a better place. Therefore, we must educate our children to take care of our planet since their youth both at home and at schools. We must take our place as parents and tell our children that it is not okay to litter o reduce water consumption. We have to thoroughly explain to them that our environment is depleting, animals are going extinct, health hazards are increasing, and all of this is because our planet is crying for our help.

Schools should further promote environmental changes, such as recycling bins available everywhere, foment the action of planting trees, reusing and reducing paper consumption, and increasing the use of renewable energy. Our youth must understand that the world is need of heroes waiting for us to save it.

Remember something for the rest of your life: “There is only one Earth; no Planet B exists!”

This was our 10 simple things to get a better eco-friendly lifestyle.

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