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10 Mold Solutions to Prevent and Remove Mold from Your Home

Respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, and exacerbation of asthma are just a few of the health concerns that occupants of damp or moldy buildings may find themselves facing. Mold is the root cause of many of these health concerns so mold solutions are all-important.

Here are 10 solutions to mold buildup to help keep your home clean and safe.

1. Increase Ventilation

A hot, steamy shower is great after a long day, but enclosing the heat and damp will cause condensation to build up. If not adequately ventilated this environment can easily lead to mold.

2. Clean Regularly

Mold is found on surfaces and in the air we breathe but it can also grow in dust buildup. Keeping your home clean is a great way to prevent mold.

3. Keep Surfaces Dry

Damp surfaces are mold’s best friend. Wiping down bathroom and kitchen counters after use of sinks is one of the top mold solutions.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

The Australian national asthma council recommends a humidity of between 30 and 50 percent. If your house is climbing above this, that can be an ideal breeding ground for mold. A dehumidifier is a great way to keep humidity levels under control.

5. Dry Water-damaged Carpet Quickly

If carpet becomes water-damaged, dry it within 24-48 hours. If it’s left wet for longer than 48 hours, it’s practically a guaranteed hotbed for mold.

6. Remove and Replace Any Area Affected by Mold

This is especially prudent advice for areas that may be water-damaged after a flood. The “remove and replace” method is often the only way to ensure mold doesn’t grow and spread.

7. Use Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Home remedies such as vinegar and bleach are okay for small patches of mold, but anything above that will need something stronger. Hospital grade disinfectants are anti-fungal and sporicidal and are one of the best mold solutions available.

8. Use a HEPA Air Scrubber or Filter

A HEPA air scrubber will remove mold spores from the air in your home. This solution is best paired with one of the other points on this list to remove the affected area itself.

9. Use Antimicrobial and Antifungal Paints

There are certain paints on the market which are specifically tailored to prevent mold. There are also anti-mold paint additives which can treat otherwise normal paint cans.

10. Hire a Professional

Professional services like Biological Health Services will perform onsite inspections that involve taking air quality and surface samples of the affected area. They then use various methods of microbial decontamination tailored to the specific contamination level, site access, and usage of the area.

If mold is a particular worry for you or the area is affected severely, a professional is the best way to go.

Mold Solutions For a Healthier Household

No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, mold can put a dampener on anyone’s wellbeing. With these few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your house clean and mold-free. Your family and your health will thank you.

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