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10 Awesome, Part-Time Weekend Jobs You Can Find in Brighton

You love your full-time job, but it simply doesn’t pay you the kind of salary you’re looking for. 

Perhaps you’re considering transitioning careers into something entirely different, but you need to get some experience and training in your new field before you can make the switch permanently.

You may be a student or even a new parent who is looking for weekend gigs.

Whatever the reason, you’re interested in finding the right part-time weekend job in Brighton.

Read on to learn more about some of the many opportunities available to you.

1. Work as a Retail Sales Consultant

If you have excellent sales skills, can provide information to clients without coming across as too pushy, and if you enjoy helping people find what they need, then you should consider a part-time weekend job as a retail sales consultant.

You’ll greet customers when they come to the shop or showroom, take messages and follow up with emails, and assist with aftersales service.

You’ll also need to know the products you’re selling inside and out and be able to make recommendations to clients based on what they’re looking for. You should have excellent organisation skills, be familiar with current industry trends, and be able to express yourself and communicate ideas well.

This is an ideal gig for those who are interested in potentially pursuing a career in sales in the future or those who want to deepen their knowledge within a particular field.

2. Become a Commercial Content Editor

If you have an excellent grasp of the English language, know how to write persuasively and concisely, and have a strong knowledge of SEO, then you should consider working as a commercial content editor.

You won’t have to write out blog posts, product descriptions, or even social media updates yourself.

Instead, your job will be to help your clients fine-tune what they’ve already written, correct grammatical mistakes, and even include extra links and keywords to bring in more readers and potential customers.

You should be creative, deadline-driven, and able to interpret the needs of your clients well. You should also be able to measure and analyse the level of engagement your content brings to the table.

3. Become a One-to-One Tutor

Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed working with children, helping people to achieve their goals, and have a strong ability to make complicated concepts seem simple.

If so, then working as a one-to-one tutor on the weekends sounds like an excellent gig for you.

You can meet with parents and go over the areas in which they feel their child is struggling. You’ll also need to familiarise yourself with a student’s current curriculum, as well as a variety of learning styles.

Here, you can play to your strengths. If you’ve always been strong in maths, make sure you tutor children that need help there. If you’re more interested in English or spelling, look for students that you know you’re qualified to help.

We suggest working with an agency that will connect you to families in need of a tutor. This way, you won’t have to spend all of your time finding clients.

4. Get into Apartment Maintenance

Know how to fix anything? Do you have experience in plumbing, electrical work, or construction?

If so, then some of the best weekend job ideas for you will be within apartment maintenance.

You may be asked to clean up the buildings themselves, assist with plumbing problems in individual flats, or even plant flowers or trees outside of the buildings.

You should be physically strong, able to fix a variety of issues and carry or earn the proper licensing and certification to fix properties.

5. Work as a Tour Guide

It’s certainly no secret that Brighton is a popular tourist destination.

There are many things to see, do, eat, drink, and buy here — and visitors want to be certain they’re getting the most out of their time here.

That’s why so many tour companies employ weekend and part-time help to show tourists around the are. Many tourists make the trip from London to Brighton on the weekends, so there’s never a shortage of work.

Especially during the busy summer seasons, tour companies are always looking to hire people who know their history, are willing to learn and follow a script, can coordinate travel times, drop-offs, and pick-ups, and who know how to manage a crowd in any weather conditions or space.

6. Work as a Live-In Weekend Hotel Manager

One of the most little-known weekend gigs is also one of the best.

Believe it or not, you can actually work as a weekend duty hotel manager — with a live-in option — available as a part-time gig.

You’ll greet guests, connect them with porters, make suggestions about things to see and do, address concerns or questions, and ensure that proper hotel policies are enforced at all times.

You’re much more likely to get this job if you speak several languages.

7. Be an Accuracy Checking Technician

If you’re interested in earning your ACT qualification, or if you’re already registered with the CPcH as a Pharmacy Technician, you may be on the lookout for jobs that will help you to make a bit more cash.

If so, then one of the top part-time weekend work opportunities for you is to work as a pharmaceutical accuracy checking technician in Brighton.

In this role, you’ll help to dispense out the proper prescription medication and check to ensure that all medication is being dispensed correctly. You’ll also adhere to the ethical standards of the industry and serve as a leader to others working with you.

This helps to keep patients safe and works to make certain that pharmacies are following the proper regulations.

8. Work With a Catering Company

Perhaps one of the best weekend gigs in Brighton is to work with a catering company.

You’ll have the chance to supplement your income, meet all sorts of interesting people, and even sample new recipes and dishes. You’ll work mostly private events, such as conferences, business luncheons and dinners, private parties, and much more.

You’ll even have the chance to work weddings, gala events, and sporting events.

You’ll need to wear a uniform and have excellent people skills, but the lessons you’ll learn will be invaluable. You may even learn how to make drinks that will keep partygoers happy all night long, and jump-start your new career as a chef or a bartender.

9. Become a Website Designer/SEO Strategist

Especially if you have a real knack for website design, development, and digital marketing, perhaps you ought to consider working as a website designer or even as an SEO specialist.

You’ll create an SEO strategy and write website and blog content that will increase website traffic, encourage visitors to spend more time on your client’s site, and help them to get more conversions (sales.)

You’ll also monitor website traffic and provide updates to clients about how they can improve their website. You’ll conduct A/B testing to get feedback on site design and functionality. You’ll also help to identify popular keywords, design trends, and take care of the technical side of web development, such as loading speed and mobile-friendliness.

10. Work as a Personal Trainer

Roughly two-thirds of Brits say that they’re currently on a diet.

If you’ve always been interested in fitness, or if you have dropped a significant amount of weight in the past, one of the best part-time weekend jobs for you may be to work as a personal trainer.

Depending on the program you select, you could get your certification in as little as six weeks. This allows you to set your own hours, become your own boss, and make connections within the industry while still keeping your full-time position.

Many certification and training programs will also offer you interviews to work at one of the gyms they own after your training, in addition to providing continual career support.

Where Can You Find Your Dream Part-Time Weekend Job in Brighton?

As you’ve learned from this post, if you’re looking for a part-time weekend job in Brighton, you certainly have no shortage of options.

But where can you go to find open positions? That’s where our job board comes in.

Click here to register your CV with our job board, and create an account to ensure that you get updates about available for positions that may be a good fit for you.

We also offer career advice on our blog, so keep checking back with us to learn more about what it takes to make a great impression at an interview and more.

Whether you’re interested in marketing, sales, engineering, IT, or construction, we’re committed to helping to connect you with the right opportunity in Brighton and Hove.

At Just Brighton Jobs look forward to helping you grow.

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