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Your Guide to Picking and Sending Mothers Day Flowers

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Did you know that people are happier when their loved ones give them flowers that when they receive money? This is because the sensory experiences that flowers present are intricately linked to both relationships and good social interactions. We’re biologically wired to love floral arrangements.

Getting your mom a bouquet to show her how much you love her is a great choice. Mother’s day flowers are a great way to show your mom that you love her and appreciate all that she does for you. Read on to learn how you can choose the right flowers for Mom this May.

Consider Her Tastes

Before looking into what flowers are available to send, it’s important that you consider what your mom likes. You don’t want to get her flowers in a color she dislikes. You also want to make sure that the smell is appealing to her.

This shouldn’t be too difficult a task since you just need to reflect on the types of flowers you’ve seen around her home before. Either get her flowers that you know she loves or select those with similar colors and smells. Getting something similar rather than an exact match shows that you thought of her but also wanted to personalize the gift.

If you don’t know what flowers are her favorites, you may be able to figure it out from external factors. You may notice that she incorporates a lot of sunflowers into her decor- they may appear on the wallpaper, bedding, or wall art. In these situations, getting her the real thing will always be appreciated.

Otherwise, look for blooms in colors that she likes. You likely already know your mom’s favorite hues, so find flowers that feature them and make your purchase. This ensures that Mom will love the flowers and that the arrangement will match with the rest of her home decor.

Personality can also factor into the precise arrangement that you choose. No-nonsense mothers may like simpler bouquets while whimsical ones may like something more intricate and colorful. No matter what, it’s crucial to consider your mother’s likes and dislikes when choosing a bouquet.

Make It Meaningful

In addition to selecting aesthetically relevant plants for mother’s day delivery, you may want to consider what meanings different flowers hold. Ever since the 1800s, people have been using flowers to express various sentiments. Each type of bloom has a symbolic meaning that loved ones can share with each other.

Some of the best flower meanings for mother’s day include:

  • Agrimony (thankfulness and gratitude)
  • Carnation (varying meanings, but some include admiration, protection, healing, and strength)
  • Chrysanthemum (love)
  • Roses  (love – various colors have different meanings)
  • Clematis (mental beauty)
  • Spring crocus (youthful joy)
  • Sunflower (adoration)

These are but a few good choices. The possibilities are limitless!

Your mother may not already be familiar with the Victorian language of flowers, so this also serves as a great conversation starter. This makes infusing meaning into your flowers a good choice on multiple levels.

Look Into Your Options

Before you deliver mother’s day flowers, you’ll need to look into what arrangements are available to you.

Choosing something premade is the best way to get Mom a professional-looking, beautiful bouquet. This is better than simply slapping something together on your own- that would look sloppy and amateurish. You want to go all-out for the woman who raised you!

Premade arrangements are also put together in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. They’re evenly spaced out, beautiful, and well-maintained. This ensures that they won’t just look great but that they also will have a longer lifespan than random flowers that you picked from your yard would.

You can begin making your selection based on the color that you want your arrangement to most prominently feature.

Sunny Springtime Yellow

Yellow is one of the best colors for mother’s day. This is partly because May 8th is mother’s day, meaning that Mom will be in full-on spring mode when it rolls around. There’s nothing like cheerful, sunny yellow to set the tone for a great season.

Sunny Smilesis one of the top yellow bouquets that Mom is sure to love. Its timeless design features bold yellow hues combined with soft pink accents. This makes it appear both traditional and modern at the same time.

You may also like the Say It With Sunshine arrangement if you want something especially spring-oriented. This arrangement features many different yellow flowers from roses to lilies. Yellow is the only bright hue present against green flowers and foliage.

Soft and Beautiful Pink Touches

Does your mom like soft hues? Is she a fan of feminine fun and wonderful whimsy? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, a pink arrangement might be the right choice for her.

As it is one of the most popular mother’s day colors, we offer a wide variety of pink arrangements. Morning Melody is ideal for mothers who want flowers that are both bright and calm. Their beauty feels like sunlight streaming through the windows on a warm spring morning.

More subdued pink arrangements are also available for subtler beauty. Pretty in Peony, Cotton Candy, Classic Beauty, Fancy Flowers, and Abundant Beauty are all multicolored bouquets. However, they all share the common denominator of prominently-featured soft pink.

If Mom prefers pops of color and modern decor, Polka Dots and Posiesis a gorgeous bouquet that she’ll love. The pink and cream hues are one of our favorite color schemes. The arrangement also features fun patterns that will add a little life to any room.

Pretty Purple Bouquets

Purple isn’t the most popular mother’s day bouquet color, but this makes it an amazing, unique, and unexpected choice. It’s the color of royalty, which makes it both spiritual and imaginative. This lends well to some gorgeous and meaningful arrangements.

Enchanted Cottage is the most purely purple bouquet that we have to offer. It combines soft lavender hues with creamy white roses for a delectable medley. Sweet Moments is another arrangement that combines similar colors- you really can’t go wrong with purple and white.

Rich Red Arrangements

Red is often thought of as the color of romantic love. But did you know that it can symbolize platonic and familial love as well? It’s a multipurpose color of affection and adoration that Mom will love!

Always on My Mind is a classic bouquet made from red roses amidst green foliage. They’re fragrant, traditional, timeless, and eternally dazzling. You can’t go wrong with this classic bouquet if you want to show Mom that you’re always thinking of her.

Red is also part of many magnificent multicolor arrangements. It’s My Party is a great choice for those who want to combine red with rich pinks, purples, and blues. Pure Happiness and Blossoms in Vogue add other warm colors to the mix to make your bouquet look uniquely passionate.

Ensure Same Day Mother’s Day Flower Delivery

You likely have (or have heard) horror stories about people who’ve waited weeks for floral deliveries. That’s not how you should order mother’s day flowers 2022 style. It’s an outdated shipping model when you have same-day delivery options readily available to you.

Flowers Near offers same-day delivery when you order any one of our gorgeous premade arrangements. As long as you place the order by 1 PM (recipient time), your bouquet will be out for delivery in only around 2 hours.

This means that you’re safe even if you order at the last minute. It also means that the bouquet will be as fresh and aromatic as possible when it arrives on Mom’s doorstep.

You may also want to consider sending a thoughtful handwritten note to arrive at the same time as your flowers. While you will need to send it separately, this is a great way to add a personal touch to your arrangement. Send it out a couple of days before ordering your blooms so that they arrive around the same time.

You can also track the note in the mail, see when it’s out for delivery, and order same-day delivery as soon as you see it on its way. This is an awesome choice for those who want them to arrive at the exact same time.

Order Gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers Today

Choosing mother’s day flowers may sound like a challenge at first brush, but it actually is a really fun process. You get to think about your relationship with your mother and select something that will make her happy. In turn, your bond will become stronger and she will know that you care.

Now that you know how to select and send mother’s day flowers, it’s time to get started. We’re committed to helping you select an arrangement that she’ll love. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer and how you can choose the perfect flowers for Mom.

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