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Why You Should Switch to Keyless Entry if You’re Doing Airbnb

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Airbnb is a great source of income for renters, and an excellent solution for those in need of convenient and reasonably priced accommodations. If you’re doing Airbnb, you’re probably familiar with the struggles of key pickups and drop-offs. You have to arrange a meeting, have someone drop off and pick up the keys, and even if that goes smoothly there is still the chance for the keys to get lost, stolen or copied. That’s why we’ve decided to show you some advanced solutions for securing your locks that eliminate the traditional lock problems.

Keyless entry is slowly becoming the new norm for renters across Canada because it eliminates inconveniences such as late arrivals, unprepared hosts and most importantly, key duplication. However, much like any other product out there, keypad locks are not all of the same quality and you have to be careful which ones you choose. Here’s what you need to know about keyless entry and how it can help you secure your property while doing Airbnb:


The benefits of keyless entry

It makes it easier to control who comes in and out. Keypad locks make home lockouts a thing of the past. If a guest accidentally forgets their combination, you can simply remind them without actually having to go to the property. Moreover, a keypad lock will automatically lock upon exit, which eliminates the risk of an intruder simply walking into your property. Last but not least, keyless entry allows you to manage your rental from afar. That means you don’t have to go to your property every time a guest leaves or to let the cleaners in. With keypad combinations, you can give all of them access to your property without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • It’s more durable. Traditional deadbolt locks will begin to wear and tear with use. It can begin with a slight key jiggle or a lock jam, and pretty soon you’ll end up with a complete malfunction or a broken key inside the lock. One of the many advantages of keypad locks is that they don’t use keys. All you need to do is press a few buttons on the pad or even your smartphone and that’s it. 
  • It offers increased security. Lock bumping and picking are the most common break-in techniques, which leaves little hopes for finding the culprit, as they leave no visible signs of forced entry. Plus, unless you change your locks every time a guest leaves your property (which is quite costly and time consuming), traditional locks are not the best for long-term security if you’re doing Airbnb. There’s simply no guarantee that the visitor has not made a copy of your key. With keypad locks, you can simply change the PIN after a guest leaves and you can even find additional options like encryptions and authentications to prevent hacking.


Wi-Fi Smart Locks 

Some keypad locks such as the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock offer advanced solutions for Airbnb renters. This lock is easy to integrate with any smartphone, android or IOS and offers amazing features such as a built-in sensor that locks the door every time someone enters or exits the property, and it even gives you notifications each time someone comes in or out. Moreover, this lock requires identity verification via phone number or email in order to ensure that the right person is in control. Last but not least, it lets you disable the app in case the visitor or owner lost their phone.

When it comes to renting via Airbnb, all you need to do is integrate with the Airbnb messaging and booking system to add new codes and send them to guests. You can easily update access to your property based on the status of the guest.

These are just some of the many benefits of installing a keyless entry system if you’re doing Airbnb. Keypad locks and smart locks have become one of the most convenient ways to ensure your property and your guests are safe at all times. Not only are you in complete control over who enters your property and when, but you also benefit from not having to meet each guest just for the sake of keys. It’s a win-win combination for both parties. Consult a locksmith to find the best option for your property and install/replace your smart lock.

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