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Why Should I Consider Facial Trauma Treatment After Injury?

If you’ve sustained injuries to the face, you might be wondering “Why should I consider facial trauma treatment?” Accidents and injuries to the face, neck and oral cavity often prove to disfigure when left to heal without the assistance of some level of facial trauma surgery. Traumatic injuries to bones and tissues leave obvious and difficult to hide scarring. The damage goes beyond the surface level of injuries. It has the potential of leaving lasting emotional damage leading to isolation, loneliness, and depression. It has the undesired effect of pulling you out of your normal social circles and interactions.

Furthermore, facial trauma can impede speech or the ability to eat. Seeking facial trauma treatment will bring life back to normal following a serious injury. Experienced surgeons can reconstruct function as well as features. Being able to communicate effectively and eat daily meals without assistance improves your quality of life. No matter how extensive the traumatic injuries seem, expert surgeons can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others for the rest of your life.

What Is Facial Trauma Surgery?

Surgery for facial trauma is the surgical repair of cuts, major abrasions, burns, punctures and other injuries that leave major amounts of deformity or scarring. A cosmetic surgery procedure in CA is the only option available to repair most forms of major facial trauma and injury. Injuries from vehicular accidents, falls, explosions, fires, chemical accidents, and other traumatic events can leave tremendous amounts of damage to the facial and neck areas of the body.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery in CA is the surgical repair of the oral cavity, neck area, and facial bones. It helps bring back features distorted from traumatic injury. Broken jawbones. missing teeth, injured tongue, broken eye sockets, broken cheekbones, broken noses, and other traumatic injuries make it difficult to do daily activities. The correct surgery will restore your looks, facial function and ability to breathe and eat unaided. Traumatic injury treatment may require more than one surgery to completely correct the problem. Of course, this depends on the level of damage experienced.

Choosing the Best Treatment Center for Facial Trauma

If you want the best results for facial trauma surgery, the choice made in a Northern California facial trauma treatment center makes a huge difference. If possible, take time to find out what former patients recommend. Make sure they can furnish you with before and after images in the types of surgery you require. Experience means everything in many types of traumatic injury repair. You don’t want to end up regretting the results if the center you choose has never made the repairs you need to have done.

Choose a facial trauma treatment center that ensures all expert surgeons associated with their facility have the licensing and credentials needed to perform the surgery. Meet with the surgeon and determine if you feel they are the right one to handle your surgical procedure. Are they receptive to your questions and concerns? Are they able to explain the procedure in detail and help you feel comfortable about what to expect? Only move forward when you are comfortable you have the right surgeon.

Give Sacramento Surgical Arts a call at 866.930.5837 and schedule an appointment for a consultation today. Contact us for a talented team of medical experts that provide the level of facial trauma surgery it takes to give you back your life.

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