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Why Engineers and Architects Need to Use 3D Building Models

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For a long time, construction design started from the very basics: pen and paper. Buildings were designed using traditional two-dimensional drawings. But with drawings, miscalculations sometimes were only discovered after construction had already begun.

Thanks to advances in digital technology, those days are over. 3D building models and digital renderings are a common tool that many architecture and engineering firms use today. The process uses a collection of data to digitally create a 3D model of the finished result.

As a result, this new technology has led to opportunities in architectural modeling that were unheard of even a few years ago. The beauty of using 3D model technology is that it helps everyone understand all aspects of the building.

Read on to see the advantages of 3D building models.

Types of Architectural Models

Architectural models can be broken down into two different types.

Physical Model

The traditional method of architectural modeling is to build a physical scale model of the project. The goal of a physical model is to build a smaller representation of the prospective project. This smaller model will help plan out each step and determine the viability of different decisions moving forward.

Models are often times used to communicate the vision to clients and stakeholders. Building a physical model can be very effective when trying to make a visual impact. However, as technology has advanced, physical models have become time consuming and inefficient.

3D Model

Utilizing 3D models is a cost-effective alternative to physical models. Many firms have taken advantage of this new technology to replace traditional methods of physical modeling.

By using a 3D model of the building on a computer, changes can be manipulated and adjusted as the project progresses. Using technology, architects and engineers can create photo realistic representations of any project.

3D building models create a more complete picture of the project. Ultimately, this serves to benefit both the engineer and the client.

Advantages of 3D Building Models

There are many different benefits of using a 3D building model. Not only does it help both those involved in the project and the client visualize the completed project, it is also effective and efficient. Below are some of the many advantages.

Project Visualization

A 3D architectural model can help clients and stakeholders visualize a project. Most humans are visual beings who are able to grasp spatial concepts much better if they can see them rather than just imagining them. Recent studies show that 90% of transmitted information in the human brain is visual.

Everyone involved in the construction design process will benefit from the 3D visualization. 3D models can be very realistic, allowing both clients and the design team to better understand the scope of the project. This also results in fewer surprises down the road as everyone is on the same page while working towards a common goal.

Architects and engineers can also manipulate 3D models in a way that they cannot with traditional 2D drawings. Professionals can plug in different options into the 3D scale to test potential scenarios. This can help confirm their decisions and identify any problems early on.

3D models give an accurate picture of how a design team can change their plans if they need to. It is much easier to change a project during the design stage rather than after construction has already begun.

Selling the Project

Any professional in construction design knows that a building project is in a constant selling process. The clients need to be sold on the architectural design and development choices throughout the process.

It is also important to get the different people involved in the project on the same page. Making sure everyone is working towards a common vision will ensure a smoother construction process.

A well designed 3D model can also be a crucial marketing piece for a firm or for the client. Showing a visualization of the project allows the client to get excited about it. This results in a more positive reception of the finished project.

If the client is happy, then the potential customers will also be happy. That is why 3D architectural models can be important for any project.

Improving Project Speed

A 3D building model is a valuable tool that can save valuable time and money. Models can be shown to contractors or builders to help save significant time in the construction process. This leads to a faster designing and building process.

3D modeling can construct structures much faster than 2D drawings. This saves precious time and money that can be used on other aspects of the construction design.

3D building models also leave little room for error because they provide an accurate picture. This means that architects and engineers don’t waste time looking for errors or miscalculations on 2D drawings. This allows them to finish their projects more efficiently.

Precision and control

3D models collect data to produce the most accurate representation of the building project. Professionals can use data to create realistic models of real spaces. These models give ultimate control over precision as professionals don’t waste time measuring and re-measuring a 2D drawing.

This prevents expensive mistakes from occurring before they can happen. Architects and engineers can notice the mistake before the construction process even begins

Obtaining Your Permit

Another great advantage of using a 3D architectural model is that it can help obtain any necessary permits for the new building. Obtaining the proper permits is a crucial part of the construction process for any project.

With a well designed 3D building model, that process can be expedited. Regulators responsible for giving building permits will look at the potential impact a new building will make on the surrounding environment. A 3D model can give them a better visual, expediting the permitting process.

Ready to Build Your Dream Project?

The benefits of using 3D building models are undeniable. By providing a strong visualization of the project, clients and stakeholders will be more easily convinced of its viability.

The efficiency and planning benefits are also important, as is the expedited process of acquiring necessary permits. Done right, a well designed 3D building model can guide your construction design process from the beginning and all the way to the end.

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