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Why Custom Fitted Golf Clubs Will Be Your New Favorite Things

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Would you buy a pair of shoes without testing the fit beforehand?


Definitely not!


Even though you know your shoe size number, it gives you some peace of mind fitting on a pair before making a purchase.


Similarly, you should invest in golf clubs that match your skills.


Well, you may argue that you got an inconsistent swing, so custom fitted golf clubs won’t do you any good. But surprisingly, the inconsistency is likely due to the fact that you’re using off-the-rack irons whose shaft length, weight, and the grip don’t match your body form.


For a better understanding of custom golf clubs, let’s first look into the club fitting process:


How Golf Clubs are Customised


In most cases, the fitter will need to know your performance with the club you’re currently using. This involves assessing how far you hit the ball, whether you miss your hits, and whether you have any physical limitation affecting your abilities.


The fitter then proceeds to a more statistical approach by taking the measurements of your height, wrist-to-floor distance, and hand length. This measurement forms the starting point of the length, lie angle, and grip of your new set of irons.


To guarantee maximum accuracy, most fitters use a launch monitor to track and record the measurement data. Simulators may also be used to show trajectory if the measurements are taken in the indoors.


With this information, the fitter experiments with different probable club heads and shafts until they find the ideal option for you.


Benefits of Custom Fitted Golf Clubs


With the golf customisation process in mind, let’s delve into the advantages of custom made golf clubs:


1. Improved Grip


One of the most noticeable benefits of owning a customised set of clubs is the properly sized grip that’s designed to your hand’s texture. This helps you to regulate the pressure in your hands so as to align the club at impact.


2. Maximum Club Forgiveness


With an off-the-rack golf club, it’s easy to experience the adverse effects of a bad swing and poor contact with the ball due to their ill-fit.


However, custom fitted golf clubs are designed for maximum forgiveness thanks to the perimeter weight of the club head and shaft that offers maximum sweet spot depending on your swing.


3. More Consistent Impact


Custom fitted clubs are tailored to the way the player hits the ball. As such, fitting clubs correct the face angle of your swing, thus orienting you toward your target on every hit. This increases consistency, and in turn, better scores.


4. Maximise Distance


From the data collected on how you drive the ball, its trajectory speed, strength, and angle; the fitter is able to determine the correct loft you need. Your custom clubs’ loft will be designed to improve the launch angle, yielding the maximum distance for your swing speed.


5. Correct Misdirection


Custom club fitting corrects your lie angle to match your strike, ensuring the ball doesn’t veer off course.


Also, the toe of your custom club will be at the same level as the heel of the club to help you reduce those shots that fly off target.


6. Improved Swing


Unlike using a typical golf club, a custom golf club is well-adjusted such that it isn’t too long, short, nor stiff. This allows you to improve your swing as you can easily manipulate the club to flow with your swing.


7. Increased Confidence


Having some peace of mind knowing that your golf clubs are suited towards your needs improves your confidence on the course. Consequently, your overall gameplay improves, yielding better results.


8. Saves You Money


As a golfer, you’re likely to constantly replace your ill-fitting clubs in search of “the one”. Unfortunately, you may not be lucky enough to find a perfect fit with the highest quality.


Investing in a custom fitted golf clubs, though a little bit more expensive, saves you the hassle of constantly shopping for golf clubs. In fact, it saves you money in the long run.


9. Improves Your Skillset


Custom clubs may easily make you a pro golfer in a shorter period. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of the game, these clubs will help nurture your skills and swing.


10. Fewer Errors


Playing with an incompatible golf club leaves more room for errors that may hurt your gameplay.


A custom golf club is tailored to meet your skillsets and swings, eliminating the risk of errors and may even compensate for some mistakes in your game.


Factors to Consider When Getting a Custom Fitted Golf Club


With the rampant increase in the custom golf club craze, it’s important to consider several factors if you want to get the best deal on your gear. Here’s what you should pay attention to when getting custom fitted clubs:




Ideally, it’s advisable to experiment with a variety of brands when getting custom clubs. This allows you to be tested with different golf technology so that the best one is selected for your needs.


Ball Flight


When being tested, make sure the fitter uses decent golf balls. Using dodgy balls may cause inconsistencies, leading to incorrect ball readings. This ends up affecting the accuracy of your custom golf club.




When shopping for custom clubs, it’s important that you’re honest with the fitter, and most importantly, yourself. Feel free to show your flaws in the game and your true skill level. This allows the fitter to correctly assess your needs.


Custom Fitted Golf Clubs are for Everyone


No matter your skill level, you can be sure that custom fitted golf clubs will improve your gameplay. Although your skills don’t instantly improve when using custom clubs, they help you understand your game better and bend towards your needs.


If you’re planning on getting custom clubs, be sure to use the above guide to help you in the process.


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