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Nrby, Inc. and GOCare Announce Strategic Joint Development and Solutions Integration


Manchester, NH, November 1, 2023— Nrby, Inc., a pioneer in location intelligence platforms, field operations, and mobile workforce management solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic joint development project and solutions integration with GOCare, a leader in digital customer engagement. Our collaboration represents a significant leap forward in revolutionizing the use of network and real-time field service operations data to reduce operational expense and enhance the customer experience via real-time, two-way, interactive digital engagement.

Delivering a truly extraordinary customer experience in today’s highly competitive broadband landscape is the key to differentiation, customer satisfaction, and reduced churn. Broadband operators have long sought after enhanced capabilities that can leverage existing system investments to deliver operating gains. Nrby, Inc. and GOCare collectively solve this problem with real-time notifications of service interruptions, yielding faster up repair times, reducing call volume and anxiety, and delivering higher retention rates,

Key highlights of this partnership and feature integration include:

Seamless Integration:

Nrby and GOCare pride themselves on their open system philosophy. Nrby’s location-centric platform will seamlessly push real-time data to GOCare’s digital experience platform, enabling improved communication of critical events, optimized performance, and reduced call volume.

Enhanced Efficiency:

By integrating Nrby’s mobile workforce management capabilities with GOCare’s digital experience solutions, you’ll streamline field operations, reduce response times, and accelerate resolution.

Elevated Customer Experience:

Customers will experience the benefits of this collaboration through improved service response times, better communications with their service provider, and a more personalized experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Nrby, Inc. and GOCare are excited about the potential to transform broadband provider operations and customer engagement. Together, we set new benchmarks for efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

“We recognize the value of customer retention, and we are thrilled to partner with GOCare to deliver an innovative solution that empowers our service provider customers to excel with their customer service. Our combined efforts will elevate the overall customer experience.”

-Paul Palermo, VP Business Development at Nrby, Inc.

“This joint development effort is a significant milestone in our commitment to improving customer engagement and satisfaction for the mutual GOCare & Nrby clients. Leveraging the investments our clients make in multiple systems, and tying those systems together, we enable our clients to deliver exceptional service and create lasting customer relationships.” -Mike Roddy, CEO of GOCare

For more information about this joint development effort and feature integration between Nrby, Inc. and GOCare, please reach out to:

Paul Palermo

VP Business Development Nrby, Inc.

[email protected]

Mike Roddy


[email protected]

About Nrby, Inc.:

Nrby, Inc. is a pioneer in location intelligence platforms, providing real-time insights and smart notifications to businesses worldwide. With the Nrby Platform, organizations can streamline their operations, proactively address issues, and enhance customer satisfaction.

About GOCare:

GOCare is a customer experience management and engagement solution provider dedicated to helping businesses deliver exceptional customer service. The company offers a suite of tools and services to streamline customer interactions and elevate the overall customer experience.

Press Contacts:

Duncan Potter

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Paul Palermo, VP Business Development

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