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Why Cleaning Companies Can Boost Business for Medical Offices

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A professional cleaning service can benefit your finances as much as your health. Here is why cleaning companies can boost business for medical offices.

Do you know how to make your medical office more successful than ever?

Thanks to the global health crisis, many patients and workers are worried about keeping clean and avoiding infection. They look at every business, including medical offices, and ask themselves, “will I be safe in here?” With the help of professional cleaning companies, you can keep your medical office safe for patients, doctors, and staff alike. Not convinced? Let’s do a deep dive into what a good cleaning company can do for your office.

In some ways, running a medical office is like running any other business. Your goal is to get as much out of your employees as possible in order to both serve your patients and turn a profit. Would you believe that hiring a cleaning company will do wonders for your productivity? The main reason for this is that your staff will no longer have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the areas around them. It may take an average employee 30 combined minutes each day to clean various areas around them. By the end of the month, each employee has lost a whopping 10 hours.Just imagine how efficient your medical office could be if every employee could spend all those hours being productive instead of cleaning things up. And let’s be honest: you didn’t hire your staff to clean your medical office. By asking them to spend so much of their time cleaning, you end up with an office that is less productive and not nearly as clean as it otherwise could be.

With a professional cleaning company, you can enjoy a clean work environment and more productive employees. And if that’s not enough, your office will be more profitable than ever before!

How does a clean office translate to a more profitable office? It all comes down to the first impression that you make. When a new patient or other visitor walks through your door, they are going to instantly make up their mind about the quality of your medical office. If they see an office that looks dingy and dirty, they are going to assume that the doctors and staff are equally disorganized. And in the context of a medical office, they may assume that they might catch a new illness just by sitting in the waiting room! However, if the patient or visitor sees a clean and safe medical office, they will have a positive impression of the business and the staff. This positive impression on each visitor will lead to new referrals and positive word of mouth, increasing your overall profitability.Without the help of a professional cleaning company, the only other way to keep really clean is to have your staff constantly playing a janitorial role in your office. However, every moment they spend cleaning is a moment they aren’t spending on their primary job. That can slow things down for patients, leading to a bad experience and killing your chances of getting a positive referral.

Letting your staff off the cleaning hook is going to boost referrals and productivity. And the sheer convenience of a professional cleaning company will serve as a major game-changer for your entire office.We touched on this a bit earlier, but let’s be specific: requiring your staff to clean the office leads to the “worst of both worlds” for your office. Various areas are going to look dirty and disorganized because of one simple reason: your employees were never trained as professional cleaners. And you can’t expect them to become professionals now, either. Do you really want your staff to spend all of their time at the office researching cleaning methods? Or spending additional money on professional cleaning equipment?If they were to do so, your office productivity and profitability would seriously plummet. Frankly, it’s exactly what you’d expect from suddenly asking all of your staff to suddenly take on a second full-time job.Professional cleaners let everyone focus on what they do best. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the cleaners are utilizing cutting-edge cleaning techniques and innovative equipment to keep the office clean and healthy. Now you can enjoy the “best of both worlds” instead. Your office will be productive and profitable, and it will also benefit from top-notch cleaning equipment that you don’t have to worry about paying for or even storing at your office.

Why is the right equipment so important to this task? Because it is the only way to provide everyone with the safe and sanitized office they deserve. In the wake of the global health crisis, workers and clients are more concerned about safety than ever before. To create the safest possible office, it’s important to understand the difference between looking clean and actually being disinfected. The actual disinfectant process involves using specific chemicals in order to eradicate all traces of bacteria, germs, and viruses from a surface. Unless such a surface is properly disinfected, it could still infect someone and make them even sicker than before. When you leave cleaning responsibilities to your staff, most of them just focus on “surface-level” cleaning. For example, someone may hastily wipe the crumbs off of their workstation after lunch by using a napkin. The final result may look clean, but that surface has not been disinfected in any kind of meaningful way. With a professional cleaning company, you will benefit from their knowledge and their experience. They will know which chemicals will work best to disinfect different areas inside your office. And that is very important because different chemicals yield different kill spectrums, curing times, and application instructions. In the wrong hands, a good disinfectant can be used in a dangerous or simply improper manner. In the right hands, though, a good disinfectant is the single best way that you can create a clean work environment.

As you might expect, sanitizing goes hand-in-hand with disinfecting. Yet it’s a concept that many people don’t fully understand. What does sanitation mean? Simply put, sanitation focuses on reducing the number of germs in a given area. While it’s often impossible to completely eliminate all germs, sanitation helps us focus on reducing those germs to a safe level. Without a professional cleaning company, you’re basically rolling the dice when it comes to sanitation. For example, let’s say you’re trusting your employees to sanitize your surfaces. Without understanding safe sanitation levels and the chemicals they need to use, those employees may leave your office exposed to any number of potential infections. Or maybe your employees take sanitation very seriously and spent much of their time each day on the task. You might have a (relatively) safe office, but those same employees have now sacrificed much of their time to focus on sanitation. As we discussed before, this can seriously impact your overall productivity and profitability. At the end of the day, a safe and sanitized office benefits more than just your employees. As it turns out, such an office may seriously benefit your patients as well!

So far, we have focused primarily on how a clean work environment will benefit you and your staff. However, research from the CDC backs up the idea that it might benefit your patients in a major way. According to the CDC, 1 in 31 hospital patients experience at least one healthcare-associated infection. The takeaway from this is quite scary: patients expecting professional treatment of their illness end up walking away with an entirely new sickness to worry about. Why is this? In some cases, it may be due to surfaces that are not properly disinfected and sanitized. In other cases, it may be due to dust particles in the air that slow patient recovery and lead to further infections. Between these factors, an unclean medical office can be dangerous and even deadly to your patients. Conversely, hiring professional cleaners does more than make your office look cleaner. It also keeps your patients safer and promotes a speedier recovery. And providing superior service to patients is the best possible way to market your medical office. How can we say that such a service will protect you and your patients? It all comes down to the ability to customize your cleaning service.

Many offices that hesitate to hire professional cleaners do so because they imagine a “one size fits all” kind of service. And it’s an open secret that the exact methods that work for a massive hospital would not work perfectly for a small medical office. In reality, professional cleaners can customize the service to your exact needs. They will use the equipment, chemicals, and cleaning methods that are optimized for your space and your exact needs. You get a perfectly-tailored cleaning experience that will boost productivity, profit, and safety. And on top of that, you never have to worry about buying, storing, and using cleaning equipment ever again! Now you know the many benefits of cleaning companies for your medical office. But do you know who to turn to for your cleaning needs? We specialize in keeping offices safe and sanitized all throughout the year. To see how we can make your office cleaner and healthier than ever, contact us today!

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