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Why Builders Should Invest in Ceiling Containment

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As a contractor or builder, the safety of your building site is paramount to your success. Whether repainting a ceiling, repairing a roof, or completing rehabilitation work above ground level, you must ensure your team and innocent passersby are protected from hazardous materials.

Investing in ceiling containment materials is an easy preventative measure to keep your worksite safe. Not only will it protect your team and others from the risk of falling debris, but it will also make your cleanup easier once the job is complete.

While each construction site poses unique challenges, %COMPANY%’s interior protection specialists can give you insight into why ceiling containment is a worthwhile investment and when to use it. We’ll also clarify some common misconceptions about what exactly ceiling containments are.

Read on to learn why builders on many projects should invest in professional ceiling containment!

What Are Ceiling Containment Products?

Containment products can be net systems or durable synthetic blends used in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Despite their appearance, ceiling containment products aren’t simply plastic bags or tarps. They can range in size and material depending on the needs of the contractor in question.

Some containment barriers trap debris, dust, and asbestos, while others are meant to catch crumbling materials and minimize the risk to the public. While dust containment products are commonly found in healthcare environments, other containment systems are helpful for a range of industries and building needs.

Most professional containment solutions can be customized to fit your precise needs and are designed to be minimally invasive on your construction site. Containment products can be fitted snugly or used to protect a wide area of your building site from adverse effects and falling materials.

To Protect Your Employees

One of the most valuable upsides to investing in ceiling containment materials is protecting your employees from a job site’s unpredictability. Whether you’re a roofing contractor, insulation expert, or painting service, there’s a risk of exposure to asbestos or harmful dust when working on older buildings. Investing in a reliable ceiling containment system is one way to keep your team protected on the job.

Installing a containment barrier will help minimize the chance of debris and harmful particles coming into contact with your technicians. For builders working on commercial and industrial projects, professional containment can also help cordon off the areas you’re working on, allowing your client to remain open throughout your build.

To Protect Your Job Site

In addition to keeping your employees safe, ceiling containment products can also protect your job site and minimize the chance of liability in case of an accident.

Unlike homemade tape and plastic barriers, professional containment barriers are adequately sealed and resistant to contaminants that can be hazardous. Particularly for business owners who work on commercial projects, utilizing containment products can make life easier in the long run and minimize the time spent cleaning up afterward.

Ceiling containment systems were created to maximize worksite safety while helping minimize the clean-up required at the end of a project. Even temporary containment barriers can save you and your team time and money—and for a professional service, every detail counts.

Not only do ceiling containment products catch falling debris and materials that could damage your work site, but they also prevent pollutants, dust, and chemicals from harming your building materials and equipment. While it’s inevitable that your tools will wear and become damaged over time, ceiling containment products can help extend the lifespan of your equipment.

When to Use Ceiling Containment

To the unseasoned professional, ceiling containment systems may seem frivolous or overly cautious. In reality, they’re essential products that are valuable in all professional environments. Whether you’re repainting the walls of a supermarket or repairing part of a subway station, ceiling containment can keep your worksite clean and protected.

While our technicians would recommend using ceiling containment on most construction projects, we strongly advise investing in professional systems for projects that require the following:

  • Weather protection
  • Water collection
  • Sandblasting
  • Dust protection
  • Debris containment
  • Construction in public places
  • …and more!

What to Look for in a Ceiling Containment Service

As important as it is to know the right time to use containment products, it’s equally important to be able to choose a company suited to your needs. Selecting a service with the right experience and knowledge is crucial to success.

We recommend working with local ceiling containment companies that meet the following criteria:

Experience: Select a service that advertises their previous work on their website or has an established customer base. Experienced containment services should be able to prove the quality of their previous work and deliver efficient results with minimal work stoppages.

Communication: Top containment services should encourage open and honest dialogue in their interactions with you. From consultations to follow-ups, working with a company that prioritizes prompt and respectful communication is essential to achieving a successful outcome.

Flexibility: Try to find out about the flexibility of their scheduling. Will they be able to conduct their service around your working hours? Can they accommodate your scheduling needs? How long will it take for them to set up their containment system?

Reputation: Before working with them, you should learn about a company’s reputation. What type of projects have they completed? How have they helped past clients? A reliable company will have a positive reputation from its clientele.

Quality of Service: While your containment system should be of the highest quality, the same goes for customer service. Do you feel like your concerns are being listened to? Are your needs being prioritized? Make sure you do your due diligence before hiring a containment provider.

Learn More About Containment Systems

If you have more questions about why you should invest in ceiling containment, or you’re looking for a company with expertise and an extensive portfolio of previous work, %COMPANY% can help. From consultations to construction to inspections, our talented team can satisfy your needs and answer any questions.

Call %PHONE1% to connect with our friendly service team and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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