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What Is Supply Chain Security?

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Over half of all companies believe that supply chain management gives them an advantage over competitors.

A supply chain is an important part of today’s fast-moving world. As consumers, we expect our products to arrive quickly and safely. However, it’s not often we think about the security needs of a supply chain.

From train security to maritime security, security consultants are needed. They help to ensure the success of shipments. To learn more about supply chain security and its benefits, keep on reading this article.

What Is Supply Chain Security?

Supply chain security focuses on risk management. It involves third-party vendors, suppliers, logistics, and transportation. It recognizes and reduces the risks connected to collaborating with other businesses.

Supply chain physical security is the protection of physical goods.

There are no established supply chain security best practices. There are also no guidelines because supply chains differ dramatically. A cyber defense strategy is important for success. Additionally, adherence to risk management is essential for a successful plan.

It also considers guidelines established by governmental organizations. This includes the Department of Homeland Security, which is a national governmental organization.

Physical Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security used to be mainly concerned with integrity and physical security. Physical risks include risks from both internal and external sources. This includes terrorism, sabotage, and theft.

Organizations frequently monitor shipments and review legal documentation to prevent physical attacks. Vendors might also need to secure shipments under strict quality standards. This means a company might work with multiple vendors. This is to guarantee a consistent supply of commodity goods.

A factory may welcome outside inspectors, and organizations could perform background checks. To prevent theft or tampering, shipments could also be tracked. They may also get guarded, and checked before and after shipping.

Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Cyberthreats have more recently become a top concern for supply chain security. Cyberthreats are flaws in IT and software systems, such as malware attacks and software piracy. They also include unauthorized ERP access and backdoors.

Supply chain security mainly entails reducing risks associated with using software. The security of the software that businesses use or buy cannot be taken for granted.

Businesses, suppliers, and resellers frequently need to work closely together. Because of this, computer networks may become entangled. This means that private information may be shared. This could lead to a breach at one company that affects many.

A cybercriminal may target a weaker organization in the target’s supply chain. They may then use that access to their intended targets. Often, they do this instead of attacking the target directly.

Now You Know About Supply Chain Security

As you’re now aware, supply chain security offers a wide variety of benefits. From physical supply chain security to protecting data, your company should consider how hiring security consultant services could benefit them!

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