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Which Is Better: Dental Insurance or a Discount Plan?

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During the course of our lifetimes, we will depend on quality dental services to prevent and treat serious oral health conditions. Routine care has proven effective in saving money on costly procedures, but even yearly cleanings can run up a sizeable dental bill we might struggle to afford. Situations like these cause many patients to postpone and avoid critical preventative care if they aren’t experiencing any bothersome oral conditions. While this saves money in the short-term, eventually more severe conditions like periodontal disease or cavities will demand treatment, making insurance or a discount plan essential to save on cost.

Dental Insurance Isn’t Always the Most Affordable Option for Care

Many dental patients qualify for employer-based coverage benefits, but those that are outside of the workforce may use a private insurance plan instead. Either way, when it comes time to use your policy, you may be shocked to learn that your dental insurance plan has a lower coverage maximum than assumed.

Worse, the remaining balance you are responsible for is still costly to your budget and makes the monthly premiums budget-breaking. While these insurance plans do help to lower the asking price at your dental office, the overall savings may be a disappointment after the total cost of premiums and deductibles paid.

Where Can I Find Affordable Dental Insurance Plans?

Thanks to the internet, online insurance exchanges have helped families find competitive pricing for almost any budget. Employer-based care may also be a solution if the company is large enough to command lower premium rates for their employees.

For those researching their policy options, you may try working with a dental insurance company separate from your primary medical care. These providers usually have unique program offerings that may provide a better level of coverage for a reasonable price. The key is making sure that you understand the level of care you get for your money matches your needs. Double-check annual and lifetime limit rules, as well as what procedures receive coverage. Cosmetic dentistry is often excluded unless medically necessary.

How Dental Discount Plans Compare To Regular Insurance

Dental discount plans offer similar negotiated rates as major dental insurances. While you are still on the hook for paying all of the costs after the discount, you save an average of twenty to fifty percent on many services you need. These plans are perfect for many individuals because there are not any lifetime limits, no maximum coverage caps, and are affordably purchased compared to major dental insurance policies.

Additional advantages include:

  • Large regional coverage plans that have thousands of participating dentists in your area
  • No restrictions based on age, health, or income
  • Reliable customer service support
  • Discounts for specialist care
  • Cosmetic dentistry discounts are often available

Compared to primary dental insurance, discount plans also make it easier to access your benefits because of no waiting periods, deductibles, or restrictions on pre-existing conditions. When you add the overall savings in costs, it’s not hard to see why many people have switched to discount coverage despite having employer-provided dental care.

Where Should I Shop for a Dental Discount Plan?

Just like the major insurance exchange markets available online, you can research and ultimately purchase a dental discount plan on the web, as well. Before committing to any advertised dental discount plan, do your research and make sure that at least four or five dentists in your area accept this coverage. Other ways you can be sure a dental discount plan is right for you:

  • Learn about any dental service limits
  • Research customer reviews and complaints
  • Check on pricing for specific procedures you might be planning to undergo

You may consider calling ahead and checking with your dentist to avoid having switching providers in order to use any new dental coverage.

Which Option Will Save Me the Most on Dental Care?

This is an important question that many dental insurance shoppers ask, and the short answer is it depends. If you find that you cannot see your regular dentist on a discount plan, then you need to weigh the added cost of purchasing major dental insurance just to keep them. For many, it’s not worth the high deductibles and low benefit levels. When you take int account all of the fine print on exclusions, it may be best to convince your dentist to expand the coverage types they accept or go elsewhere.

It’s critical to do your best research when shopping for dental coverage, no matter the type. You want the best deal possible that includes quality, accessible coverage at a reasonable price.

Saving on Dental Care with Aetna Dental Access®

One of the most important lessons that people learn when seeking dental care is to not waiting until you need work done to choose a coverage policy. There are many steps we can take to prevent oral health issues and keep costs at a minimum, but some individuals are more prone to cavities than others. Routine care is critical in catching these severe problems early, and high-cost insurance deductibles should not block access to your treatment.

Consider the Aetna Dental Access program at  to help you keep a brighter smile, minimize dental costs, and prevent unnecessary oral healthcare conditions from starting. With over 238,000 dental practices around the nation, you don’t have any limits on how often you can use our discount plan.

Benefits that many of our customers depend on include:

  • 15 to 50% savings on dental visits
  • Enjoy savings on popular services like X-rays, root canals, and fillings
  • We cover orthodontics and periodontics
  • Get the discounted price immediately at checkout

Don’t risk your smile and overall health because of cost and pre-existing exclusions. If you want a dental discount plan through a trusted company with a reputation for providing top-quality care at reasonable prices, contact us today. We are here to answer any questions and offer you a FREE month of service to try. Just cancel at any time. Call us (800) 710-2079 if you have any questions or want to learn about other valuable services, like a discount vision, physician, and prescription plan.

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