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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

A dialectical behavior therapy program is useful for treating a variety of substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses. Often, counselors use this therapy for mood disorders and borderline personality disorder. It can help anyone who wants to change their behavior patterns.

What Is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program?

With the dialectical behavior therapy Denver Colorado offers, individuals get an evidence-based treatment program. This type of therapy helps clients address issues like suicidal ideation. It can also help with self-harm and substance abuse tendencies. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is also helpful for substance abuse. Because of this, it is a common option for addiction treatment counseling Denver Colorado residents trust.

At the dialectical behavior therapy center, clients work on new skills. These new abilities help them manage painful feelings. DBT helps the client learn how to reduce conflict in their family or romantic relationships. It is also a useful addition to family therapy.

During treatment, the client learns to be mindful of the present moment. The treatment program helps people become better at tolerating distress. The client learns how to regulate their emotions. They also gain new abilities in interpersonal communication.

What Is DBT Useful for?

Originally, practitioners created DBT for borderline personality disorder. Over time, researchers discovered that this therapy could successfully treat other conditions. Furthermore, it worked for substance abuse and bulimia. The treatment could also help with bipolar disorder, binge eating, and depression.

A dialectical behavior therapy program can work for a wide variety of conditions. This is because it gives clients the tools they need. This therapy also teaches emotional regulation and distress tolerance. Through skills like these, clients can improve many mental conditions.

Of course, mental illness can completely change someone’s life. Thankfully, no one has to recover alone. Treatment can help clients recover. Through therapy, clients can get help for many different disorders.

Where Can You Go for Quality Treatment?

If you want to discover the best dialectical behavior therapy Denver Colorado has to offer, then finding the right treatment program is the key. A dialectical behavioral therapy program can help you address many mental health disorders. This includes codependency issues and addictions. Of course, addiction and codependency are family diseases. Therefore, a good treatment program will treat the entire family.

By getting therapy as a family, individuals can gain added support for their recovery. At the treatment center, individuals can also find options such as:

Finally, you do not have to let a mental illness or an addiction consume your entire world. Through a high-quality dialectical behavior therapy program, you can gain a fresh start in life. Petersen Family Counseling can help you decide the next steps for treating your addiction or mental disorder. To learn more about how we can help you and your family with recovery, call us today at 7205131465.

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