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When Should You Hire a Vehicular Accident Attorney and When Is It Unnecessary?

A car accident can really shake you up, especially the first few minutes after. When you recover from the shock is when urgent matters start to come to light, assuming you aren’t injured. One of these matters is whether you should call your insurance company or a vehicular accident attorney to file your claim.

Every year the US has about 6 million accidents with over 90 fatalities. It’s not easy to tell whether you should call the lawyer or keep the situation silent. It’s much harder if you’re unsure whether you’re the one at fault.

After all, you wouldn’t want to pay a hefty consultancy fee for your lawyer when it wasn’t necessary. On the flip side, you also don’t want to pay damages for an accident you actually weren’t liable for.

In this piece, we’ll expound on when it’s a good idea to call a car accident attorney. Also, we’ll look at when it’s not necessary to contact a car accident lawyer. 

The Insurance Company Process

The insurance company isn’t always necessarily on your side after an accident.  The company has a whole team of lawyers to validate your accident claim. It’s pretty common for your accident claim to be undervalued.

Challenging a team of lawyers can be very intimidating. If you’re not too articulate, your claim may be undervalued or denied entirely. That is why vehicular accident attorneys are invaluable after car accidents.

After an accident, you can get two types of claims. These claims are a first-party claim and a third-party claim. Here what each of these claims means:-

First-party claim– This is the claim that you file with your own insurance company.

Third-party claim– You file a third-party claim is a claim you file with an insurance provider that isn’t yours, for example, your employer’s or another different person’s.

Whatever your claim is, there are instances where your claim might be denied.  There are so many reasons why your claim may be denied. Sometimes you may feel your claim was denied unfairly.

Here are a few reasons why your claim may be denied:-

  • You took too long to file the claim after the accident
  • The medical records have no proof of injury  or bodily harm
  • The accident was clearly avoidable after extensive investigation
  • If you already had a condition; that wasn’t necessarily caused by the accident

If you feel the insurance company unfairly denied your claim, then it’s time to call your vehicular accident attorney. These lawyers can help you through the entire appeal process. That way, the insurance company may approve your claim if you present a strong case.

When to Call a Vehicular Accident Attorney

As a rule of thumb, contact your attorney as soon as you get your mind right. Remember, one reason why the insurance company may deny your claim is that you took too long to file it.

There’s no such thing as contacting your lawyer too early after an accident. If the following situations apply to you, then you should call the lawyer soonest after the accident:-

  • The accident resulting in major injuries or death of a person
  • You can’t establish whose fault it was
  • The police report of the accident is incomplete or inaccurate
  • The insurance company is being somewhat dodgy with your case
  • If you feel you were unfairly denied claim

If you’re in any of these situations, then calling your attorney is the best move to salvage the situation. When the insurance company connects you to one of their lawyers, then get your accident lawyer ready too.

Don’t say anything to the insurance company’s lawyer that may compromise your case. Before you give crucial information about the accident, consult your vehicular accident attorney first. These lawyers are invaluable in these kinds of situations.

When You Shouldn’t Call Your Accident Attorney

There are very few scenarios where your vehicular accident attorney may not be needed. You don’t have to force your lawyer into the picture when it isn’t necessary. 

If your situation matches the following, then contacting your lawyer will be pointless:-

  • If there’s no visible damage to your vehicle or the insurance covers for you’re the minor denting
  • The accident didn’t alter  your usual daily routine or neither did it have any implications on your career or livelihood
  • You and all other passengers had only minor injuries after the accident
  • When the accident was irrefutably your own doing

Remember, the lawyer may charge you a consultation fee if you contact them with these situations. So you’re better off staying put and going with the flow.

Why Are Accident Lawyers So Important?

Accident lawyers are right there next to medical experts after an accident. You can’t understate the importance of these attorneys after an accident. Here are a few reasons why these lawyers are so important:-

Handle Insurance Issues on Your Behalf

An insurance company is a business like any other. These companies are out to make money. They can’t make money by dishing out generous claims every now and then.

You don’t have to put your negotiating skills to the test. An accident lawyer will cover for you quite excellently.

Get the True Value of Your Injuries and Car Damage

Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing insurance claims. The insurance adjusters work rigorously to advance the insurance company’s agenda.

These professionals can convince you to settle for lower compensation. An accident lawyer will, however, help you get what you truly deserve.

Advice Whether to Pursue a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Depending on your circumstances, you may pursue the lawsuit options. That way, even without the insurance claim, you still get enough compensation for the accident. 

Don’t Forgo an Accident Lawyer

You may be tempted to do away with the Vehicular accident attorney and handle things by yourself. This isn’t something anyone in the law or business professional would advise. There’s so much you stand to lose if everything goes downhill.

You’re better off with professionals who know their stuff.  Navigating this field alone is not as easy as you think.  Let the experts do their stuff, and get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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