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What’s Open Late In Fargo

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Whether you are a college student studying for a test, working the graveyard shift, looking for more after a night out at one of Fargo’s fine pubs or just plain hungry, let us help you find the best restaurants that are open late in Fargo!

*Hours are frequently changing due to COVID-19, please check with your favorite restaurant directly. Assuming these 24 hour restaurants will go back to that after the pandemic, this list structure will remain the same until then.

24 Hour Restaurants

Denny's Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Denny’s

Fryn' Pan Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites2. Fryn’ Pan

Perkins Fargo ND | Fargo Bites3. Perkins – 12AM, NO LONGER 24 HOURS

8. McDonald’s – NO LONGER 24 HOURS

2424 University Dr. Fargo ND | (701) 232-8636 | 12AM Everyday

1001 38th St. S Fargo ND | (701) 282-5796 | 12AM Fri & Sat

5640 23rd Ave. S Fargo ND | (701) 364-9667 | 12AM Fri & Sat

Open Late

Boss' Pizza And Chicken Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken – 3AM 

Bar Down West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Bar Down – 11PM – 1AM Late Night Menu

SouthTown PourHouse Fargo ND | Fargo Bites2. SouthTown PourHouse – Full Menu Until 2AM

Twin Peaks Fargo ND | Fargo Bites3. Twin Peaks – 1AM Fri ~ Sat

Pizza Patrol Fargo ND | Fargo Bites4. Pizza Patrol – 4AM Sun ~ Thur | 5AM Fri ~ Sat

Deek's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites5. Deek’s Pizza – 3AM Everyday

Insomnia Cookies Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites6. Insomnia Cookies – 1AM Sun ~ Wed | 3AM Thurs ~ Sun

Papa John's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites8. Papa John’s – 12AM Mon ~ Sat | Location Slightly Vary

Domino's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites9. Domino’s Pizza – 1AM Fri ~ Sat | 12AM Sun ~ Thurs

Know of an open late place not on the list?

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