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The Signs You Need a New Roof: A Guide for Homeowners

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According to the Pew Research Center, U.S. homeowners increased by over two million between 2019 to 2020. Homeownership increased to over 82 million by the end of 2020.

If you are one of the millions who purchased a home in the last few years, you know how vital home maintenance should be. If you purchased an older home, you should look out for signs you need a new roof.

This guide will discuss what you should be looking for. Keep reading to learn more.

When You’re Missing Shingles

You should consider replacing a roof when you notice issues with your shingles. Wear and tear can break or rip off shingles over the years. Heat and poor ventilation in your attic can also curl the shingles on your roof.

These issues with your shingles can cause more severe damage to your roof over time. You’ll need to contact a roofing company to schedule a roof replacement once this occurs.

Leaks in Your Home

Leaks are one of the most common roofing problems around. Leaks can occur for many different reasons, but they’re often the result of weather damage. When there’s damage to your roof, rainwater will seep into the attic and your home.

The problem with leaking is that it’ll damage the interior of your home along with your roof. This will increase the cost of the repairs you’ll need to make.

While small leaks can get patched up, bigger or multiple leaks will typically require an entire roof replacement.

The Age of Your Roof

Consider contacting a residential roofing company if you have an older roof. Even if you recently purchased your home, the roof might be older than you think. Contact the previous owners to find out the last time the roof was replaced.

Most experts say a roof should be replaced every 25 years. Depending on the material used to construct your roof, you might need to get it replaced sooner rather than later. If you have no way of contacting the previous owners, a roofing company can give you an estimate of your roof’s age and if it needs replacing.

Mold and Moss

Moisture collects when you have damaged shingles. Stagnant water will cause leaks and mold growth as well. If you start seeing a moss buildup on your roof, you’ll know you have damage.

Black spots in your attic or on your ceiling are mold spores that have started to spread. This damage is dangerous to your health and should be fixed right away.

Contact a home roofing company as soon as you see mold. Proformance Roofers can help you with your roof replacement needs.

These Are the Signs You Need a New Roof

The issues discussed in this blog are some of the signs you need a new roof. Leaks or missing shingles are some of the most common signs that indicate you should contact roofing experts.

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