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What You Need to Know About Drug Offense Laws in Georgia

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When it comes to drug crimes, it is important to know Georgia’s laws as it pertains to illegal drugs and prescription drugs since it varies by state. In the state of Georgia, drug possession laws are very stringent. Even being in possession of a small amount of an illegal drug can bring about serious penalties. It would actually be an understatement to say that the repercussions of being charged with a drug crime are substantial.

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While drug crimes in Georgia, especially in larger cities, are more common than not, they are heavily prosecuted more often than not. Unfortunately, it does not necessarily make a difference if you have a clean record and this is your first drug offense. There is, however, good news. A drug offense lawyer who is knowledgeable about drug possession laws and is reputable for providing a strong defense can help you get the best possible outcome in your case.Before knowing the penalties, it is important to know what Georgia classifies as controlled dangerous substances (CDS). These include marijuana, heroin, and cocaine and are divided into five schedules, per Georgia Code Section 16-13-25 through 16-13-29. What does that mean? Well, Schedule I drugs, for instance, are drugs like heroin that are highly abused with zero medical use while Schedule II drugs can also be highly abused but do have an accepted medical use with major restrictions such as morphine. Schedule III drugs have less potential for abuse than the first two schedules but are accepted for medical use such as anabolic steroids while Schedule IV drugs have an even lower potential for abuse than Schedule III drugs and also have an acceptable medical use like diazepam. And Schedule V drugs have the least potential for abuse when compared to Schedule IV drugs since they have very small amounts of specified narcotic drugs.

Drug Crime Penalties in Georgia

At Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., we represent those facing serious drug charges and drug related offenses including simple drug possession and possession for sale or distribution, drug trafficking, smuggling or importation, unauthorized possession or sale of prescription drugs, cultivation of marijuana, money laundering and property crimes committed to support a drug habit, juvenile or student drug offenses and DUI involving drugs. As for penalties, drug crimes include jail or prison time, heavy fines, community service, court ordered drug and alcohol counseling and a permanent criminal record. Also, a drug possession conviction in Georgia can also result in the suspension of your driver’s license. If this is their first conviction, a mandatory six month driver’s license suspension is put in place while second convictions mean the loss of your license for one year. Our drug offense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia have represented several clients charged with drug crimes and have helped get the charges against them reduced or dismissed completely. To schedule a complimentary case review, call our office today.

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