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What to Do if You’re Wanted for Drug Crimes

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What to Do if You’re Wanted for Drug Crimes

Being wanted for drug crimes is never good, but we can help. Keep reading to learn what to do if you’re wanted for crimes involving drugs.

Around 1.16 million adults are arrested every year for drug-related criminal charges. However, drug charges are not all equal, and every state handles these charges differently.

As with any crime, drug crimes are no joke. Instead, the law takes them seriously, which means you’ll need legal help if you face drug crimes.

So if the police currently want you for drug charges, you shouldn’t ignore this matter. But what should you do?

Here is a guide to help you learn what to do when the police want you for drug crimes.

Understand Your Rights

First, it’s always vital to understand your legal rights regardless of the legal system’s charges against you. These legal rights are the same whether you face drug possession charges or charges for selling drugs.

Your first right is the right to remain silent. If the police are free to question you, you have the right not to answer the questions. The purpose of this right is to allow you to avoid admitting guilt to the crimes.

Secondly, you have the right to an attorney. It would help if you always had a criminal defense attorney when facing charges. If you can’t afford one, you can ask the court to appoint one for you free of charge.

Having an attorney is a legal right every person facing criminal charges can and should use. After all, navigating through the criminal law process isn’t simple, especially when facing your first charge.

Additionally, you have the right to a trial. You’re not guilty of the charges until the court convicts you.

Knowing your rights is imperative when you find out the police want you for drug crimes. You can talk to a criminal defense lawyer to learn more about these rights.

Investigate the Charges

Next, you might want to investigate the charges. If you know the police are after you for illegal drugs or any other drug charges, how did you find out?

You might know if the police come to your home. After all, they might leave a note on your door stating they have a warrant for your arrest. You might also know if the police call you or your friends.

It doesn’t matter how you find out about the charges. The important matter is that you know the police want you for them. When you learn about this, you can investigate the charges.

For example, you could call the courthouse or jail to ask about the warrant. They can tell you about the charges and other details. You might also find information on the local court’s website.

The goal is to learn the charges against you, so you know what you’re up against.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

Another way to investigate the charges is by hiring a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer can investigate the charges for you. They can also learn more details about the charges.

Therefore, it would help to contact a criminal law firm immediately. You can tell the attorney what you know about the charges and ask for advice.

The attorney might recommend a few things, including your right to remain silent. If you haven’t talked to the police yet, your lawyer might set up a meeting to discuss the matter. Your lawyer will attend this meeting.

Your lawyer will also determine how to proceed with the drug crime charges.

Build a Defense

One thing criminal lawyers do is build defenses for their clients. To minimize your drug crime penalties, your lawyer might do one of the following:

  • Build a defense that proves your innocence
  • Work on a plea agreement to minimize the charges
  • Help you fight the case to minimize the penalties

Based on the evidence and facts, a skilled criminal defense lawyer will know which route to take. Your lawyer might also consider your criminal record when choosing a course.

Consider Hiring a Bail Bond Agent

Another thing you might need to do is to hire a bail bond agent. However, you’ll only need this if you expect the police to arrest you for the charges.

For example, do you have a warrant for the charges? If so, you might need financial assistance from a bail bond agent to pay the required bail money. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in jail if you can’t pay bail.

Even if you don’t have a warrant, the police might decide to arrest you for the charges. Therefore, you might want to work out an agreement with a bail bond agent before this happens.

By working it out ahead of time, you’ll have this part covered when the time comes.

Turn Yourself in for Drug Crimes

If there is a warrant for your arrest, your criminal lawyer will recommend turning yourself in at the jail.

Turning yourself in doesn’t admit guilt to the crime, but it settles the warrant, allowing you to avoid the humiliation of an arrest in front of your friends, family, or kids.

The court might also respect you more if you turn yourself in rather than avoid the warrant. In fact, failing to surrender can only complicate your case.

Your arrest initiates the criminal case against you, and you can work with your attorney to determine how to proceed with the charges.

Seek Legal Help Right Away

Facing drug crimes is a serious offense, and you’ll need to seek legal help right away. An experienced criminal attorney can help you determine the best course of action for the charges and can help you get the best outcome.

Contact us at Paton Law Office, S.C. in Kenosha, WI, if you need legal counsel for drug crimes. We have experience handling drug-related charges and can help you fight these charges.

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