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What Makes The Torque Release Technique Effective For Chiropractic Care

Why The Torque Release Technique is Effective For Chiropractic Treatment

The Torque Release Technique often referred to as TRT, is considered to be a 2nd-century chiropractic procedure, based on the chiropractors that developed the profession in its first century of existence. All techniques related to practicing chiropractic care and giving an adjustment have advantages, but in this read, we are going to cater to individuals who might be on the search for a moderate form of non-manipulative adjusting.

What Exactly is The Torque Release Technique?

This, as hinted above, is the latest chiropractic technique. It’s designed as part of research into chiropractic health benefits. As such, it’s a combination of the best systems of chiropractic evaluation as well as treatment.

What’s Involved?

The chiropractor will check your spinal column for regions where the nervous system has sustained damage as a result of spinal subluxations and then give an adjustment using the integrator tool. The instrument makes a clicking noise and feels like a fast impulse into your spinal column muscles.

This technique reproduces what the hands do, but with less force and more specificity. The Integrator delivers a certain frequency into the spinal column nerve endings, where nerve function is failing.

TRT is meant to jumpstart your body’s electrical system and thus to stimulate the nervous system in a manner that alleviates tension, helping the body to self correct.

That being said, here are a few reasons the Torque Release Technique is particularly effective and popular:

Precise- When utilizing the Integrator, the practitioner is able to pinpoint the location on the spinal column that needs nerve frequency adjustment. Doing this manually by hands doesn’t have this level of accuracy.

Torque Release Technique

Gentle- With TRT, an integrator adjustment can be done on the spine in a completely relaxed and neutral position with the right amount of force. A conventional adjustment calls for the stretching of the spine to a tension position, followed by the manual hand thrust in order to open the spinal joints as well as activate a cavitation response.

  • Specific- The torque, energy frequency, thrust, speed and force provided by the Integrator is all customized to give the right amount of energy in order to normalize nerve function.
  • Fast- the quick but shallow impulse is one of the reasons why TRT is very useful for chiropractic treatment.
  • Torque- The human body, muscles and atoms more in 3 dimensions. As such, the 3D impulse of the integrator instrument maximizes the effectiveness of the technique on your body.
  • Recoil- This is another secret that makes this technique effective. The bounce in the impulse boosts your body response.
  • Reliable- The manner in which the instrument delivers adjustment is very reliable and consistent. It ensures that the right amount of energy and force is transmitted during every adjustment.
  • Recognized- The Integrator in Torque Release Technique has an array of patents including FDA 510K. It’s ideally legally marketed for vertebral subluxation adjustment, which is only available to licensed or certified Doctors of Chiropractic.

As you can see, there are many appealing reasons as to why TRT is very effective when it comes to chiropractic care or treatment.

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