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Salt Lake City, Utah, July 6, 2021 – Neoito has made it to the list of Top 1% of 1 Million International Companies and Startups published by Growjo, the top-voice in recognizing the fastest-growing companies across the globe. The bi-annual list of 10,000 companies is prepared by analyzing multiple growth indicators like the annual revenue, competitor analysis, annual sales, recent funding, just to name a few.

Growjo features companies that are growing and poised for future growth. The feat is a testimony to Neoito’s emphasis on helping startups, such as artificial intelligence companies, and tech entrepreneurs across the Silicon Slopes, Utah and it further motivates the company to create more innovative products.

“We have gone through many challenges as we grow, but we are always encouraged by the way that we handle those growth opportunities. And we are confident that our hard work will pay off. This achievement is a real golden feather in our cap,” said Faiz MH, CEO of Neoito, “It was great to see our company growing significantly over the past years, especially during the pandemic. It is down to the passion that drives each employee to remain focused on improving themselves and helping our clients achieve their business goals” he added.

About Growjo

Growjo is a leader in recognising the top-growing companies in the world. They utilise more than 20 unique growth indicators to assimilate the Growjo 10000 every month. Growjo identifies the fastest-growing companies for their accomplishments through the algorithm-based list ranking. They could actually identify companies that were poised for ongoing as well as future growth.

About Neoito

Neoito is a software development company in India, founded in 2014. Neoito partners with trailblazers in the startup space to power the next generation of innovative startups. They have a proud history of helping multiple entrepreneurs transform their businesses by assisting them with IT outsourcing services to grow quickly from zero to multi-million dollar evaluation. Their products help revolutionise industries and are adopted by some of the world’s biggest companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, IKEA, and Ubisoft.

If you are looking for an expert team to guide you through your startup product development process, look no further. Contact their experts today!

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