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What Is Concrete Coring?

Have you ever wondered what concrete coring is, or why it’s done? If you have, then this article is for you.

Concrete coring happens during major infrastructure projects. It’s a way to adapt designs to modifications and accommodate unplanned changes.

The building trades use concrete coring for a variety of reasons in their designs. Sometimes designers don’t like using subtractive processes in their designs. But sometimes it’s unavoidable, or the result is better than not using it.

Here’s an overview of what concrete coring is, and what the process entails.

What is Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring is a type of concrete drilling. It’s implemented during the construction of infrastructure and architectural projects. It works for both large and small scale designs because it makes both large and small openings in solid concrete.

Designers and engineers might use concrete coring in the initial stages of building design. Or they may use it to fix problems in a structure that already exists. 

How Does Concrete Coring Work?

During the process of coring, construction engineers use a specially designed machine. It is strong enough to bore through a solid cured concrete structure. The machine uses a diamond-tipped drill that easily cuts through the cured concrete and aggregate.

Often the drill’s circular motion works with a water jet or other pressurized fluids. They keep the drill bit cool and help the cutting process advance more quickly.

There are different types of drill bits that work on boring holes of different sizes, depths, and widths.

Choosing the right one depends on the material under construction and the depth that the drilled area needs to be.

Other factors include the speed of the drill bit, the amount of pressure used to propel the drill forward, and the age of the drilled material.

What Are Signs of a Good Concrete Coring Company?

If you have a building project underway and need to hire a concrete coring company, there are several things you should look for. Be sure to look for a coring team that has the experience and knows how to handle any issues that might come up.

It’s always better to avoid costly mistakes. But with concrete fixing them might be especially expensive and time-consuming. This is why you want to have only the most experienced concrete cutters working for you.

Most concrete coring companies have an in-house finance department. This team works exclusively on cost estimates and billing. An experienced concrete cutting and coring team will take the time to provide you with an estimate of time and cost.

Hiring a Concrete Coring Company for Your Construction Project

So now you know a bit about how concrete coring works and what it’s used for. If you have a construction project underway, you’ll need professional coring services. Use this guide to find a quality concrete drilling company.

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