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What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

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What does a panic attack feel like? Are you currently experiencing a panic attack? If you think that you are having a panic attack, the right treatment program can help you get a diagnosis. Then, you can start a mental health treatment program for your panic attacks.


Other than finding out the answer to, “What does a panic attack feel like?”, clients may also want to know the common signs and symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. If you have a panic attack, you may experience shortness of breath or heart palpitations. You may also suffer from trembling or shaking.

Unfortunately, panic attacks generally happen without any warning at all. Suddenly, it feels like you are having a heart attack. Your chest feels tight as your heart pounds rapidly. Your skin may become red and flushed.

When you have a panic attack, you may feel hot or cold all of a sudden. You may suffer from tingling, numbness or a choking sensation. Panic attacks can also cause sweating, chest pain, dizziness, and the fear that you are losing your mind. You may suddenly feel detached from your body or reality.


At the best anxiety treatment center Boise, Idaho offers, you can learn more about panic attacks and what they feel like to experience. For many people, a panic attack feels like a heart attack. In fact, many clients go to the emergency room because they think they are actually having a heart attack.

When someone has a panic attack, they can fear that they are losing their mind. They may also have an intense fear of dying. Most of these symptoms peak within 10 minutes after the attack happens.

While you may be afraid that you are dying, no one actually dies from a panic attack. It will only feel like it during the attack itself. Afterward, you will be relatively fine again.


In many cases, people develop substance abuse problems because of mental illness. They may also develop a mental illness as a result of their substance abuse problem. These kinds of disorders tend to fuel each other, so it is important to treat both of them during a rehab program. Other than finding the answer to, “What does a panic attack feel like?”, individuals should also look for information about treating co-occurring disorders.

At a treatment center, individuals can find support for substance abuse problems and mental disorders. They can get help through options such as:

What does a panic attack feel like to you? More importantly, what can you do to stop panic attacks from happening? If you are struggling with the devastating effects of panic attacks or substance abuse, Zelus Recovery can help you diagnose and treat them. To discover more information about our many programs, call us today at 866.365.4436.

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