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What Are the Odds of Dying in a Plane Crash?

Are you afraid of your odds of being in a plane crash?

At some point, you may ponder your odds of dying in a plane crash. While your odds aren’t very big, we understand that statistics don’t always ease irrational fears. You might also remember the recent crash of the Boeing 737 that killed 157 people.

If you’re going on a trip that needs air travel soon, the best way to conquer fear is to get answers. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the chances of dying in a plane crash as well as common causes of plane accidents.

1. What Makes Air Travel Terrifying?

Imagine that your dream vacation in the Caribbean is soon to happen. However, to get there, you have to put yourself in a metal box that’s designed to carry you halfway around the world. Millions of other people may even feel excited to ride a plane.

However, many others aren’t comfortable with the idea of it. Even some people are afraid of flying or the anticipation of flying. This is what we refer to as aerophobia or aviophobia. 

This fear can be the culmination of other fears like claustrophobia or the fear of heights. You may feel irrational anxiety about the plane malfunctioning and crashing. Others worry about terrorists attacking or hijacking the plane.

No matter what it is that’s causing you unease, know that this fear is often unwarranted.

Believe the statistics about how safe flying is. Remind yourself that plane crashes and malfunctions are rarer now. This is true especially with the evolution of safety and technical progress.

2. Aviation-Related Fatalities Around the World

Now, you may be wondering, what are the chances of a plane crashing? Let’s discuss real cases of plane fatalities before we talk about your chances of being in a plane crash. Did you know that 2019 was one of the safest years for commercial flights?

Yet, North American had most of 2019’s most fatal plane accidents.  In 2019, the total of aviation accidents rose to 20 from the five-year average in North America. Compare this with the record of one accident in 2018 and three in 2017.

Five of these accidents occurred in the rugged area in Alaska and Canada. Both the US and Canada already initiated safety protocols. However, the area is still one of concern.

With that said, let’s look at the rest of the world and their aviation-related accidents.

If we look at this report, we see the US and Russia have the highest number of aviation-related accidents. Yet, we must also remember that both countries have some of the highest volumes of air traffic. Let’s ignore the high number of accidents related to a high rate of air travel.

We can see which countries may have poor safety standards from their high fatalities yet smaller air hubs. This brings us to a list with Colombia, Brazil, and India as the top countries with high deaths from crashes. Included also in this list are Indonesia, China, France, and Ukraine.

3. Common Causes of Plane Crashes

Aviation accidents don’t happen without reason. After all, they got designed and created to fly people and cargo from place to place. Instead, it’s other factors that cause plane crashes and fatalities.

The most common reason for plane crashes is pilot error. The pilot is the one controlling the plane. It’s his responsibility to check everything and to ensure the safety of everyone in the craft.

Note that not all human error is the pilot’s error. It may be an oversight from the command tower or other crew members. 

The common cause of aviation accidents is mechanical defects or malfunctions. A single passenger plane has a hundred separate systems. A defect in even one of these systems can cause the entire thing to crash.

Weather problems are out of our control and the next cause of airplane crashes. Issues like visibility problems or high winds during flight can cause great damage. They are also the most dangerous threats to an airplane along with skidding.

Other factors are air traffic control error or poor runway maintenance. Birds flying into a windscreen or engine are common in aviation accidents as well.

4. Your Odds of Dying in a Plane Crash

Finally, it’s time to answer the big question: What are your odds of dying in a plane crash?

Did you know more things are likely to kill you than a plane crash? For example, car crashes are 100 times more fatal. If you’re traveling, worry about traveling by car more.

While it can feel like we always hear about plane crashes on the news, they’re very rare in actuality. A 2019 study found that fatal accidents for large commercial passenger flights occur once per 3 million flights. You’re more likely to die from the flu, which kills 55,000 Americans per year.

This rarity is also the reason why fatal airplane accidents make big news. Since they don’t often happen, it seems like such a big deal when they do. Think of how many times people around you noticed something you didn’t often do and how they make a big deal out of it.

As a result, airlines and plane manufacturers re-assess their safety standards. This then leads to better safety and security standards. If you’re still worried, it’ll be a good idea to get insurance.

5. Why You Need Travel Insurance

Even though there are low chances of a plane crash, you want to be ready for the worst-case scenario. The way to do it is with travel insurance which will cover carrier accidental death. The insurance also gives benefits to beneficiaries in case you get disabled or die.

Before you sign, always read the fine print when you buy travel insurance. 

You can also consult a plane crash lawyer if you have any questions about the legalities around plane accidents. They may even give you some tips about what you must do in case you’re in a plane accident.

Enjoy Your Flight

Traveling by air is one of the most innovative and common ways of transportation now. The industry for air travel ensures that air travel is as safe as it can be. 

Now you understand the odds of dying in a plane crash. We hope we were able to soothe some of your worries and concerns. You can now rest assured you aren’t likely to die in a plane crash.

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